Dr Clayton Coombs

Academic Dean Planetshakers College

Dr Clayton Coombs is the Academic Dean of Planetshakers College. He is also a College lecturer and preacher at Planetshakers Church.

Clayton is passionate about raising a generation of Christians who love and know the Word of God, and are empowered by Holy Spirit to change their world and advance the Kingdom of God. He plays an advisory role for Planetshakers Senior Pastors, Russell and Sam Evans, researching and documenting the Biblical foundations that underpin the ministry. He has written a number of publications and is a sought-after speaker in learning institutions around the world.

Clayton has a strong foundation of Biblical knowledge, having completed a PhD in Historical Theology, A Master of Arts in Theology—majoring in Biblical Studies and a Graduate Diploma of Theology. In addition, he has achieved a Master of Marketing, an Honours Degree (Bachelor of Business), a Diploma of Marketing Research and a Bachelor of Business in Marketing. His research interests include Pentecostal Homiletics, The Early Church and New Testament Studies.

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