A unique, eclectic live/studio hybrid album that encourages young people to find an intimate sense of belonging as part of the church family.

‘You, Me, The Church, That’s Us - Side A’ is the third album released from planetboom, capturing its diverse youth culture - representing at least 60 nationalities joining together as its broader family.

Intended to be heard from top to bottom, each track purposefully leads into the next releasing a fresh sound and expression of uninhibited, praise and worship!

“With the new album, we would love for people to walk away with their minds opened a little bit to what a praise and worship expression can sound like,” says Andy Harrison, planetboom youth pastor. “It is unique from almost anything else in the praise and worship genre. It might surprise people, and they might say, ‘Wow! OK, we can worship God like that, we can praise God like that.’ Everything we are doing is to lead young people to an encounter with God.”

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Youth Group Foyer Vibes, Vol. 1

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