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Jesus Over Everything


Andy Harrison

Jesus Over Everything
A practical guide for young people on living a lifestyle of worship.

This is a collection of notes for the next generation of worshippers. Planetshakers youth pastor, songwriter and drummer Andy Harrison shares his experiences and scriptural insight in the Jesus Over Everything book and its accompanying album of identical title.

Each chapter matches with one of the tracks on the album and is an explanation of the message behind that song. It’s the Word and worship put together.

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It's about having a life-changing encounter with God, but it's also about continuing to encounter God for the rest of our lives and setting us up to live out the call that God has for us.

Andy Harrison

In a unique and relatable format, Jesus Over Everything, has been written to correspond with one of ‘planetboom’s’ music releases, also by the same name. Each chapter, sharing its title with one of the tracks, is an explanation on how to live out the message behind the song.


  • Know God personally on a deeper level
  • Make Jesus the Lord of your life
  • Run to God with the issues you face, instead of running from Him
  • Be victorious over problems through the power of praise
  • Stand against the ‘gods’ of this generation Take your faith to new levels


  • ...Ps Andy Harrison is someone who has the unique ability to engage with young people, captivate their attention and lead them into powerful, supernatural encounters with God. This book will lead you into an encounter too, as it unfolds the characteristics of our great God...

    Russell Evans

    Global Senior Pastor,
    Planetshakers Church
  • Andy is a voice and a force. He has a message that is vital for all to hear. I really believe that if you read the following pages written by this powerful, passionate and gifted man, your life will be impacted in a big way. ‘Jesus Over Everything’ will change everything!


    Missions Me College,
    Los Angeles, California
  • This book should come with a warning label: “You will not be the same after reading!” ‘Jesus Over Everything,’ brings clarity & direction on how to navigate your life to position Jesus in His rightful place so you can sustain your fresh encounter with God. Enjoy!


    Lead Pastor,
    House Fort Worth,
    Fort Worth, Texas
  • Andy is one of the greatest youth pastors our nation has produced, relentlessly positioning young people for an encounter with God. Every young person needs to get their hands on this book because this message is one that has been revolutionising a generation for almost 10 years.


    National Youth Alive,

Andy Harrison is a youth pastor, drummer and songwriter serving under Ps Russell & Sam Evans and the Planetshakers ministry. He and his wife, Susannah, lead ‘planetboom,’ the youth ministry of Planetshakers Church, and are passionate about seeing teenager’s lives transformed by the power and presence of God. Under their leadership, planetboom has grown into a thriving, multicultural ministry, caring for over 4,000 teenagers, and having a significant impact on youth culture in their city.

Andy is an influential and effective communicator; his heart for worship and his desire to see people encounter God is contagious and will inspire others to hunger after God in a new way. He is also a songwriter and drummer for the Planetshakers Band, and travels the world bringing a fresh and powerful sound of praise and worship.

Following a wave of creativity, passion for the world’s youth and the release of five singles that have collectively received more than three million views on YouTube alone, the dynamic, multicultural youth ministry of Planetshakers Church, planetboom, reveals its first full-length album.
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