Associate Degree of Ministry (Higher Education)


Throughout this year students are given more responsibility to lead others within the life of the Church and within the life of our College. Our studies progress to an Associate Degree level where you will learn more about God and how to unpack His Word. Depending on the skill and progression of the student, the training provided within the life of the church will include opportunities to start running projects, running discipleship groups and/or continuing to serve along side our experienced staff.
We achieve this by ensuring al students are:
  • Developing skill
  • Discipling others
  • Carrying culture
At the end of the second year, students receive a Certificate from Planetshakers College for the training and discipleship experience, and a Certificate from Alphacrucis acknowledging their academic studies.

From the first moment I stepped into the College chapel service, God began to touch my spirit in a way I never experienced before. It was here He began to speak so clearly into my life for the next six months. I really believe there was such significance in stepping out into something new and trusting that God would reveal His plan for my life. And it was through this faith and obedience that I can truly say that my life was changed. 





  • This unit bridges the gap that often exists between reading Scripture and understanding it. Students will be exposed to modern reading strategies, gleaning the best insights from contemporary scholarship. But they will also learn classical Christian interpretive practices that have stood the test of time. In addition to studying various interpretive methods this unit will cultivate the habits necessary to read understand obey and teach Scripture in a way that bears lasting fruit.
  • This unit introduces students to the rich history and tradition of the Christian Church throughout the centuries. Students will be introduced to the heroes (and the villains) of the faith, the doctrinal disputes and the great Creeds of the Early Church, and the various renewal movements in Church History including the 20th and 21st century Pentecostal movement.

  • Whatever God’s calling may be for your life, learning the conventions of formal written communication will be of great benefit. This unit functions as an introduction or a refresher to the basic mechanics of essay and report writing. Students will learn best practice for research and constructing sound arguments along with techniques for referencing and citation to foster the highest degree of academic integrity.

  • This unit is all about the Holy Spirit and his work of transformation in the life of every Christian. Students will learn the classical spiritual disciplines such as prayer and fasting, generosity and celebration, and also be given a deeper understanding and appreciation of distinctive Pentecostal spiritual practices such as speaking in tongues. Far more than merely learning about, however, this unit encourages and facilitates deep spiritual growth and transformation.