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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course run for?
Our Full Time program runs from 1-3 years.
First year – Diploma of Leadership
Second year – Associate Degree in Ministry
Third year – Bachelor of Theology OR Bachelor of Ministry

When do I need to apply?
Planetshakers accepts applications throughout the entire year. We have two intakes (February & July) – applications are due on the dates set out on our Admissions page.

When can I start the course?
You can join us in either February or July each year.

I am an international student. Can I attend Planetshakers College?
Yes. Visit the International Students Page on the website for more information

Is Planetshakers College a residential college?
No. Planetshakers College is not a residential college. If you require accommodation please notify us and we will endeavour to assist you.

Can I work on the days I’m not at College?
Yes. The majority of students use the days they have off for paid part-time work. International students on the student visa can work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight while college is “in session” and unlimited hours when college is not in session.

Can I participate in more than one stream?
Due to the workload required, we do not allow students to participate in more than one stream.

Does Planetshakers offer scholarships?
Unfortunately, we do not currently have provisions for scholarships at our College.

What is Sydney College of Divinity?
Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) is the accredited provider of the higher education courses delivered by Planetshakers College (CRICOS Provider Code: 02948J

) (Provider ID: PRV12045).

What is a Third Party Arrangement?
A Third Party Arrangement, is where a higher education provider has any aspect of its higher education activities carried out on its behalf via a partner or third party. In this case, Planetshakers College is delivering these courses on behalf of Sydney College of Divinity.

I need to pay my fees. What do I do?
Contact the College Registrar at
Phone: +61 3 9645 9000
Email: [email protected]

I have a general query and/or suggestion to make
E-mail your feedback and suggestions to [email protected]

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Sydney College of Divinity
Provider Name: Sydney College Divinity

CRICOS Provider Name: Sydney College Divinity

CRICOS Provider Code: 02948J

Provider ID: PRV12045

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