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planetUNI is the young adult university ministry of Planetshakers Church, with a presence in every major university across Melbourne and Geelong. 

planetUNI hosts events throughout the year which provide opportunities to connect, become part of a multicultural community and be empowered to enjoy the university years and achieve maximum success.


Whether you live in Melbourne or have relocated from overseas to study, planetUNI is a great place to belong and find like-minded friends and mentors who will help make your university experience, the best it can be. 

We have students who would love to connect with you right now, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

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urban life

Urban Life Groups are small, relationship-based groups that meet regularly to connect in locations all across Melbourne and Geelong. They exist to provide a more intimate environment of support and connection for students, to empower them to live their best lives. For more information regarding Urban Life, and to find a group near you, click below

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Centrals are large events that occur each semester, to welcome existing students and new students back to university life. planetUNI participants from all university campuses, along with their friends and invited guests, combine together to enjoy fun, food, music and games, and to connect with other students and mentors.


planetUNI CAMP

planetUNI Camp is a much-anticipated, annual event, held in September each year. Students join together for three days of activities, food, creative workshops, encounters and relationship-building, in a fun and relaxed environment. The famous Varsity Games are not to be missed!

2019 Recap

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2020 Recap

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Ibby In 2015, I moved from Perth to Melbourne to study Mechatronic Engineering at The University of Melbourne. I was invited to a planetUNI Urban Life Group, a few months after I moved, and immediately felt so welcomed and connected with other young university students. I never expected church to be so much fun, cool and awesome, whilst being so powerful at the same time, so I became a Christian at Planetshakers Church and it’s been the best decision I’ve made! I’ve grown so much as a person through planetUNI’s fortnightly Urban Life Group nights, and I've found my best friends here too! It has brought the best out of me! Ibby Nicole I joined planetUNI in 2013 and it has impacted me so much during my university life. As an international student, everything looked very lonely, scary and overwhelming, but after joining planetUNI, I got to see, first- hand, a community that cares so deeply for one another and puts their words into action. During my exam periods, members of planetUNI would give me ‘care packages’ and make sure that I was thriving through that stressful period. Being a part of planetUNI has changed my life! I have found so many meaningful friendships, learnt so many skills while volunteering (which I now use in my workplace) and created unforgettable memories during my university life!
Irmelyn My journey at Planetshakers Church started in 2015. After I had a powerful encounter with God at a Planetshakers conference, I decided to make Planetshakers my church home. At that time, I was just about to start university, so I decided to join a planetUNI Urban Life Group, after being contacted by a friendly planetUNI coach. From then on, I started to experience the joy of journeying life with people just like me. It was the best start to my uni life! Through Planetshakers and planetUNI, I have met amazing people, experienced and shared great memories, as well as encountered Jesus personally and together with my church family. It has been such a blessing! IRMELYN

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