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Devotional & Bible Reading Plans

Check out our Bible reading plans written by the Planetboom Team that will equip you to seek God each day.

Written for young people in a way that brings God's word to life for them, these are a great discipleship tool for anyone in youth ministry. Read them online, or use the Share with Friends function on the YouVersion Bible App to read along with others. We will be adding new plans each month, so if there's a topic you'd like us to write about...let us know!"
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7 Day Devotional

JC Squad

JC Squad Bible Reading Plan
Did you know that you are part of something so significant? The church was God’s eternal plan to show the world what He is like. Can I invite you to join us for the next week as we read about who the JC Squad is? Now it’s time to ask God to speak to your heart from His word, and to reveal to you what He calls a “great mystery”.
28 Day Devotional

4 Weeks of Foundation

4 Weeks of Foundation

A 28-day plan from Planetboom Youth (Planetshakers Church) for laying a foundation in our lives about who God is, who we are in Him, and how we relate to the world around us. Accelerate in your growth in God as you build on the right foundation!

7 Day Devotional

7 Days After Camp

7 Days After Camp Reading Plan

Written by the young people of ‘planetboom youth’ of Planetshaker Church, Melbourne Australia, this Bible Reading Plan offers a blueprint for young people wanting to grow their relationship with God and maintain passion and fire for the things of God in everyday life. We’re covering topics such as, ‘Hunger,’ ‘Worship,’ and ‘Encountering God,’ from the real-life testimonies and experiences of teenagers just like you.

7 Day Devotional

Jesus Over Everything

Jesus Over Everything Bible Reading Plan

Youth Pastor, writer and musician, Andy Harrison offers a practical guide for young people on living a lifestyle of worship in the midst of today’s challenges. Based around praise and worship songs by Planetshakers’ youth band, ‘planetboom,’ this reading plan looks at some foundational truths for building a personal relationship with God and putting Jesus over everything that life throws at us.