Homeschooling Tips with Ps Sam

Homeschooling Tips With Ps Sam


Published on 17 August 2020

Sam Evans

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To our everyday heroes— mums and dads— we honour, appreciate and love you! During this season, we are cheering you on as you take on the challenge of needing to homeschool your children while juggling work, and everything in between! You are champions!

Here are some homeschooling tips to help you:

  • Have the attitude of a champion!
  • Create a designated space for learning
  • Ensure that the space is clean and clear of things that might distract from learning—including devices.
  • Create a routine
  • Use lots of encouragement
  • Create a reward system
  • Make a list of activities to be completed for the day
  • Display the children’s work
  • When the working parent returns home, spend time talking about displayed work
  • Set clear expectations and rewards with your children
  • Use YouTube videos to help you teach

We hope these tips are helpful as we navigate this new challenge. Be encouraged that you are able to do this with God by your side! Let this season be one to be enjoyed with the children, as well as the best time of learning and growing together!

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