The Power of Fun!

The Power of FUN!

Published on 15 December 2020

Planetshakers Team

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Did you know that having Fun is a tool that God has given us to help us in life? We were designed to enjoy this life we have been given, and one way we can do that is by simply, having FUN!

Fun is a Biblical principle! When we read through God’s Word, we can find so many moments where the children of God found themselves celebrating, praising and dancing— basically having FUN!

Psalm 149:3 says, “Let them praise his name with dancing, making melody to him with tambourine and lyre!” King David praised, worshipped and had fun with God. In the parable of the Prodigal Son, we see an entire household (with the exception of the older brother) joyfully celebrate the return of a lost son.

In the Old Testament, we learn that the people of Israel had 7 different feasts that they would celebrate EVERY year. Some of these would go on for multiple days! In obedience to God, they would set aside time to honour and commemorate all that He had done for them and celebrate Him together. God didn’t plan for these festivals and feasts to be moments for the Children of Israel to sit in boredom. They were designed for enjoyment, amusement and FUN! In the same way, God has designed our lives to be celebrated and enjoyed!

This reminds me of Christmas. Most of us base the whole month of December around preparing for this one special day. We take time off work, travel, cook, plan and buy gifts. All for Dec 25th—to celebrate Jesus’ birth, our families and loved ones, and the life we get to live because of God’s gift in Jesus. I think about families gathering together and having their own little traditions every year. Maybe your family drives around the street looking at Christmas lights or opens one present on the 24th?

Fun is also an incredibly powerful factor when building community and relationships. When we want to get to know someone or invite them to spend time with us, we always want to make it fun. We want them to have a good experience. Having fun and being a bit silly helps people to relax and feel comfortable. It removes the fear of judgement and uncertainty, and encourages people to be themselves and to connect.

In PlanetKids (the children’s ministry of Planetshakers Church) we always make sure that we have a game and some fun activities so that the children can connect with each other, with the leaders and with the program. We know that having fun is an important key to reaching children, but this truth can be applied to anyone at any age. We naturally want to connect in when we’re having fun.

In the same way that having fun helps us to build relationships with others, fun is an important factor in building our relationship with God. We feel most comfortable and open in His Presence and begin to enjoy our moments with Him, when we are having fun in the process.

While we will always find healing, breakthrough, provision and all that we need in God’s Presence, it doesn’t always have to be a serious time. God wants us to receive what we need, but also to enjoy every moment with Him. We should not only expect to cry in His Presence, but also to laugh, sing and dance. These are expressions of joy that should be a natural part of our relationship with Him.
Finally, it is also important to remember that as humans, we enjoy having fun because we were made in God’s image. That tells us that He loves having fun too and laughing alongside us as we find joy in life, and in our relationships with Him and others.

How incredible it is that our loving God wants us to have fun with us. He is, after all, a father, and every good parent enjoys having fun with their kids. God wants you to have fun so embrace every opportunity you get!

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