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DAY 1 – Pray and Feast for 21 Days!

Planetshakers Team

10 February 2020


Happy New Year everyone! As we come into not only a new year, but a new decade, we have decided to collectively embark on 21 days of prayer and feasting! Why feasting you might ask? Well, think of a lavish banquet, the finest food, entertainment, décor… people dressed up to the nines, celebrating a significant birthday or a couple coming together. How exciting! To me, the whole notion of a feast conjures up celebration, fun and life, but more importantly, thankfulness! Celebrating is, in a sense, practicing thankfulness! When we are at a feast, we are celebrating together with thanksgiving, joyfilled that our family or friends have accomplished something, embarked on a new journey, opened a new chapter in life - the list goes on. The celebration is important as it signposts a significant event. It commemorates with thanksgiving an important milestone in our lives.

I believe that God does the same with us. He calls us to pause, to ‘selah’, in order to give thanks. With the nation of Israel, He instituted a number of feasts exactly for this purpose. These feasts were auspicious days that would stop the nation and encourage them to collectively praise and give thanks. 1 Chronicles 16:34 expresses this exact sentiment; "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; his love endures forever." Give Him thanks because He deserves it, He is always good!

I pray that these next 21 days of prayer, feasting and thankfulness would set up your 2020 and your new decade for great things. As you read and meditate over these devotions, come with an attitude of thanksgiving and praise. Come thanking God in prayer that He has already given it to us! We merely come into agreement with His will by thanking Him! I pray that the next 21 days will bless you!

We love you and are believing His best for you this year!! Happy praying and feasting!

Russell and Sam Evans


Lord, I praise You because You are God! Thank you for the many things that you do for me, for the breath in my lungs, for the food on my table, for every need that is provided for. But most of all, I thank You that You gave Your Son, Jesus Christ for my redemption and reconciliation. Thank you for that great gift! I position my heart in the direction of thankfulness and praise towards you, Lord!


Deuteronomy 16:14
This festival will be a happy time of celebrating with your sons and daughters, your male and female servants, and the Levites, foreigners, orphans, and widows from your towns.