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DAY 4 – Functional Jars

Russell Evans

1 August 2020


Hi there,

It’s day 4 of our devotionals and I want to further encourage you in this series on the topic of ‘Fragile Jars’. Yesterday we discussed that jars are designed to carry and that we have the great privilege of ‘carrying’ the Spirit of God. Today, we are going to continue along this thought.

To expand on this a little more, I believe that we are mandated not just to carry, but to carry for a purpose. In other words, we have been made for a specific purpose, function or multiple functions!

“What are we made for then?”, you ask. Well firstly, we are made to praise and worship His name! Being infilled with the Spirit of God confirms to us that we are saved. After all, God cannot dwell in an unrighteous vessel! This should cause us to want to praise Him with everything that we have. We are made to praise!

Secondly, we are made to fulfil a mission/call. I strongly believe this! A ‘call’ is not just limited to a vocation or career. I believe that Jesus calls us to be His disciples -- to walk like He walked and to represent Him to humanity. I have influence in some spheres, but you have influence where I do not.

We are jars that have purpose and function built into us. Let us go and change the World!


Dear Lord, help me today to realise the potential and purpose that are contained within this fragile jar. Help me live this life of potential and purpose.