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DAY 3 – Carriers of The Holy Spirit

Russell Evans

31 July 2020


Imagery is so important in the Bible. God uses a variety of images, analogies and parables to communicate the reality of His Kingdom to us. When I first went to Bible college, I remember our professor saying, “The Bible is not meant to be a mysterious text that cannot be understood. Rather, it is meant to be simple and uncomplicated, designed to communicate who our God is. He desires to speak to us through His Word.”

Why does God specifically use the analogy of a jar to describe our lives? Well, as alluded to yesterday, jars are primarily created to function as ‘carriers’. A receptacle is made to hold, carry and contain the substance that the creator intended it to. Jars, like us, come in different shapes and sizes, colours and materials, but all share the same purpose of carrying!

Here’s the question for the day: What are you carrying?

Well firstly, the Bible tells us that we are the carriers/ receptacles that contain the Holy Spirit! That thought should blow your mind! The God of the Universe has chosen to house Himself in you and I! 1 Corinthians 6:19 confirms this by telling us that we are temples of the Holy Spirit. We carry the Spirit of God!

This should give us great confidence. I wonder at times what the Apostle Paul was feeling when he wrote his epistles in jail. How could he write of unspeakable joy when he was in such dire circumstances? I believe that he could because he was reliant on the Spirit of God that resided in him.

Are you conscious that you carry the Holy Spirit in you?


Thank you, God, that You would choose ME as your vessel. What a blessing that is to my life! I acknowledge Your Spirit that lives in me and helps me to live like Christ.