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DAY 2 – Fragile Jars

Russell Evans

30 July 2020


We saw yesterday that we are the handiwork of the Lord. How amazing!

Psalm 139:1-18 further alludes to this fact. It tells us in verse 14 that we are wonderfully complex and that His workmanship is marvellous.

What confidence we can have in the knowledge that we are crafted by God Himself! As I say to our Planetshakers congregation all the time, “We are not monkeys that got lucky. We are not an accident, nor insignificant. We are fearfully and wonderfully made!”

Why is this important? Firstly, it reinforces the revelation I shared yesterday, that we have been ‘handcrafted’. Psalm 139:14 further adds to this by telling us that the workmanship of God is marvellous! This not only reaffirms our unique design, but also compels us to believe that we have been made intentionally to do great things!

Let me give you an analogy: I love Apple products and have for a long time. Apple is, in my opinion, a great manufacturer who makes marvellous products. These products are of high quality and very useful. The same can be said for our lives. In understanding that God has specifically designed us, we in turn should expect to discover the purpose for which He designed us. We are created to do great things!

Walk confidently in everything that God has designed you for today!


Father, I thank You that You created me and that You ‘willed’ me into existence. I also thank you that I have been created to do great things for Your Kingdom. Holy Spirit, help me to do those things and bring glory to my Creator!