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Welcome to Planetshakers Kids Curriculum

Planetshakers Kids Curriculum (PS KIds Curriculum) is an exciting new multimedia curriculum for children. We pray that you and your Children’s Church will be blessed through this resource.

We surveyed Children’s Pastors around the world asking them what was important to them in a curriculum, and we believe we have delivered on every point and more!

PS Kids Curriculum uses video clips with high quality praise and worship, object lessons (Zing Things) and preaching. Everything is set for you to add some powerful group teaching before the kids break off into small discussion groups, to continue their learning.

Our curriculum has been carefully developed by children’s pastors to inspire and equip children’s ministers to reach the children God has entrusted to them in the most effective way, and reach the lost.

Our curriculum has been written to accommodate all the different learning styles of children and the handbook clearly outlines how these are implemented into each weekly lesson. To ensure everything is provided for your program we have given you artwork for RAM cards, colour in’s, posters and much, much more.

We believe that our curriculum is going to give you the choice, versatility, and flexibility, to choose the right format, and style, for your church and for your kids. We know you will have a great time using PS Kids curriculum.

God Bless,
Planetshakers Kids Curriculum Team


Product Description:

One of the most valuable things that we can teach our kids is how to respond to temptation. Saying No to Temptation! teaches the R’s – Recognize it, Resist it, Run from it and Repeat it – that will equip children to understand what temptation is and how they can overcome it.


Curriculum Description:

Topic 1: Recognize It

This week, Rob takes us back to Adam and Eve and shows us where temptation comes from and how to recognize it.

Topic 2: Resist It

Jen brings the word this week and reminds us of how David was able to resist temptation when Saul was chasing him.

Topic 3: Run From It

This week, Paul shares with us about how a mighty man of God had to run away from temptation at Potiphar’s house.

Topic 4: Repeat It

Rob walks us through all of the ways that the enemy tempted Jesus in the desert. He shows us how, through scripture, Jesus was able to resist.


Product Description:

John Bevere’s classic book, ‘The Bait Of Satan’, has now been reworked into a children’s curriculum. Now a generation can learn the danger of offence and a the new way to stay free.

The Trap provides with with a powerful multimedia tool to see children set free. Complete with family devotions and leadership training from John Bevere, this curriculum provides all the resources you will need to run a first class kids church.


Curriculum Description:

Topic 1: The Trap

For our first lesson, Rob will be speaking about the trap of offence. What is the trap? What is the bait? And who is behind this deadly trap? We will zero in on Joseph (Genesis 37) who had every reason to get offended. 

Topic 2: Symptoms You’ve Been Trapped

When someone is caught in the trap, you can tell by the symptoms. This week, Rob shows us what to look out for, so we can recognise when we have been trapped.

Topic 3: Escaping The Trap: Forgiveness

Jen is preaching about how forgiveness is the key to escaping the trap. She also tells the story of Yuppy the Puppy, who has some forgiving of his own to do. Will he let everything go?

Topic 4: Remaining Trapless

Paul preaches about how to live offence free and to apply what we have learnt from 4 on the Trap to our lives.


Product Description:

If your life were a dish, how would it taste?

Would it be sweet with flavors of peace, joy and love or would there be an aftertaste of envy or unforgiveness? PastorChef teaches children about the link between food and the Spirit. Just as we can ‘taste and see that the Lord is good,’ how would God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit like the taste of our life?


Curriculum Description:

Topic 1: Follow The Recipe

When you follow a recipe carefully, you will end up with a tasty dish. In our lives, if we follow God’s recipe (the Bible) and not our own, our life can taste great.

Topic 2: The Flavor Of God

If God were a flavor, what would it be? Great chefs add different ingredients together to bring out and enhance specific flavors. Just like this, we can add God to our daily lives to enhance our flavor.

Topic 3: The Two Tables

When going out to dinner, it’s up to us to choose which restaurant we go to and which table we sit at. Both God and the enemy have a table for us to eat from, but the meals they have on offer are very different.

Topic 4: Extend Your Palate

We can learn to like different foods by eating more of them – our palate of flavors becomes greater. Elisha dared to extend his palate in God and in turn received a double portion.


Product Description:

Fear is a faith killer. In this module kids learn how to take fear down once and for all. The Bible teaches us that the just shall live by faith – fear wants to try to kill that faith.

Shot on location at the skydeck of the Eureka Tower, the city powerplant, a ferris wheel and the outback mountains. Your kids will learn how to remain confident and bold when fear comes knocking. The team are locked in the museum at night and have to defeat fear, Squirt the Clown has some fantastic object lessons, Picco is in the soundbooth and overcomes his fear of small places and Mr Amazing signs up for some death-defying stunts in the latest adventure from Planetshakers Kids Curriculum.
Complete with video praise and worship, leaders notes, artwork files, art and craft and so much more.

Curriculum Description:

Topic 1: Fear

This week Rob talks to us about facing our fears and how to overcome them by using the mighty Word of God!

Topic 2: Power

Our lesson on POWER is filmed at the city powerplant where Rob shares his revelations on God’s Word in relation to POWER!

Topic 3: Love

Jen shares with us this week in our lesson on LOVE about the unfailing LOVE of Jesus and how knowing His LOVE drives out all fear!

Topic 4: Self Discipline

This weeks lesson is on Self Discipline. We need to be strong in this area as Christians so Paul is preaching on standing up to fear so that it wont get a grip on you.


Product Description:

WHO AM I? is a brand new and exciting curriculum featuring Reggie Dabbs. This module teaches kids that God has a great plan for their lives and that their true identity is found in Him.


Curriculum Description:

Lesson 1: Know Your Name

God is calling you by name. He knows everything about you, including the number of hairs on your head. In this lesson, we will explore the name that God has for you.


Lesson 2: Know Your Future

God knows your future. Not only does he know everything about you know, but He knows all about your future. What would it be like? Today we explore what God tells us about our future.

Lesson 3: Know Your Choice

God has given us a choice. He has given us the choice as to whether we will follow God or not. This lesson helps us to make the choice to follow God.

Lesson 4: Know Your Daddy

God is our Daddy. He wants you to know Him like you know your Dad. If you don’t have a dad, God wants to be your Dad! In this lesson, Reggie tells us how God became his Daddy.

Lesson 5: Know The Truth

God knows the truth. He wants us to know it too. He wants us to know the truth about ourselves, about Him, about our future. Today we explore the truth for our lives.




Product Description:

TOYBOX reaches into the imaginations of kids and connects with toys that are part of their world. Using toys as modern day parables, the TOYBOX now becomes a teaching landscape for your children to explore the incredible love of God.


Curriculum Description:

Topic 1: Yo-Yo

The YO-YO lesson focuses on being safe in God’s hands and being aware of the ups and downs of life.

Topic 2: Jigsaw

The JIGSAW is about missing pieces. It is really hard to put a jigsaw puzzle together without the box lid picture to use as a guide. It’s similar with our lives. We need to look into the Word of God to see the image that we need to align with. 

Topic 3: Building Blocks

The BUILDING BLOCKS are an easy way to talk about connecting with each other.

Topic 4: Virtual Pet

The VIRTUAL PET is perfect to discuss care. Just as we take care of our virtual pets, God takes amazing care of us.



Product Description:

Everyone loves a story and the greatest stories ever told are found in the bible. A story has the power to draw in the listener and keep them riveted in a way that information alone won’t. For so many kids who have never heard the gospel, they have no idea how the story ends. For the child who attends church regularly, the stories are presented full of humour, powerful revelation and colour in a way that is unique to master story-teller Reggie Dabbs.

Reggie has spoken at Planetkids and was our special guest speaker at a rally held at Rod Laver Arena, where 5000 attended. The kids (and parents alike) loved his jokes and ability to present the gospel in a fresh way. Now you can have Reggie speak at your church to your kids! The stories from the bible are: The Lost Sheep ‐ The Good Samaritan ‐ The Prodigal Son ‐ The House on the Rock.

These stories are parables, which are stories that have a parallel meaning. Kids will learn about how important they are to God, sharing their faith, not wasting their time and having an unshakable faith.

Bring the power of ‘Stories that Jesus Told’ to your kids ministry this week.

Curriculum Description:

Topic 1: The Lost Sheep

This week Reggie Dabbs is preaching from the city of Melbourne about the gospel story of the lost sheep.

Topic 2: The Good Samaritan

Reggie Dabbs brings us another great story that Jesus told! This week it’s all about the Good Samaritan.

Topic 3: The Prodigal Son

Reggie Dabbs tells us all about one of Jesus’ greatest stories, The Prodigal Son.

Topic 4: The House On The Rock

The final lesson is all about one of Reggie’s favourite stories, The House On The Rock, where he talks about making good (building on the rock) and bad (building on sand) decisions in life. The Bible tells us the difference between the right and the wrong.


Nothing Is Impossible

Product Description:

Planetshakers Kids is excited to announce that our brand new Kids Album “Nothing is Impossible” is now available to all! This a lbum offers a combination of high-energy praise music, scripture and prayers created for ages 5-12. The Nothing Is Impossible CD has 16 fun tracks that will encourage kids in their praise and worship and allow them to enjoy cool music that is relevant today.

The Nothing Is Impossible CD offers a combination of high-energy praise music, scripture and prayers created for ages 5-12.

You can download this exciting new album on iTunes or purchase it from our Planetshakers store and all good book stores.