Tavonga Masoso • 19 May 2024

Pentecost (Promise, Posture, Purpose)

Today, we celebrate Pentecost Sunday, a significant day in the Christian calendar marking the birth of the Church and the fulfillment of God's promise through the Holy Spirit. This day is not just a remembrance but a celebration of the Holy Spirit's continuous work in our lives.

Sermon Notes

The Promise

Pentecost is about receiving the Holy Spirit, a promise given by Jesus before His ascension. In John 14:16, Jesus assures His disciples that He will ask the Father to give them another Helper, the Holy Spirit, to be with them forever. This promise was fulfilled on the day of Pentecost, empowering believers to live abundantly and fulfill God's purposes. The Holy Spirit is our Comforter, Advocate, Intercessor, and Strengthener, guiding us through every aspect of life.

The Posture

The disciples exemplified the posture needed to receive the Holy Spirit: waiting, prayer, and unity. They waited in Jerusalem as instructed by Jesus, showing trust and obedience. During this time, they were devoted to constant prayer, seeking God's presence and guidance. Their unity, being in one accord, created an environment where the Holy Spirit could move powerfully.

The Purpose

The purpose of receiving the Holy Spirit is to be empowered as witnesses of Jesus Christ, as stated in Acts 1:8. The disciples were transformed from a group of uncertain followers into bold proclaimers of the Gospel. The Holy Spirit equips us to carry out the Great Commission, to make disciples of all nations, and to live out the fruits of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.


  1. Embrace the Promise: Recognise the Holy Spirit as a gift available to all believers, bringing empowerment, comfort, and guidance. Regularly seek a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit to stay spiritually vibrant.
  2. Adopt the Posture: Cultivate a lifestyle of waiting on God, consistent prayer, and unity within the body of Christ. These practices position us to receive more of the Holy Spirit’s presence and power.
  3. Fulfill the Purpose: Understand that the Holy Spirit empowers us to live out God’s mission. Be bold in sharing your faith, knowing that the Holy Spirit equips you for every good work.


On this Pentecost Sunday, Lord, we remember and celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We declare afresh that we are open to receiving a fresh anointing, positioning ourselves through waiting, prayer, and unity, and embracing our purpose to be witnesses of Jesus Christ. As we do, we thank you that we will experience the fullness of life and power that the Holy Spirit brings, transforming us and those around us for God's glory.