Album by Planetboom

JC Squad


Before 2020, before me and you, before viruses, before sickness at all, before Adam and Eve in the garden, even before the world was was always about Jesus.

He was never God’s 'plan B'. He is the Lamb slain before the world was made, which means that before sin was even a problem, Jesus was already the solution. Before there was ever sickness, Jesus was already our healing. He IS THE story. The headline for eternity. The centre of everything. The beginning and the end. It’s always been about Jesus.

But get this...if Christ was always the plan, then the Body of Christ was too. I’m talking about me and you. I’m talking about the Church. Not just a building, not just a good idea…God’s idea from the beginning.

We are the Bride, the Body, the Family, the Army.

We are the JC Squad.
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