Full Time

Diploma of Leadership



Onsite - Melbourne, Australia
Planetshakers Church

127 Whiteman Street,
VIC, Melbourne 3001


What will you
graduate with?

Diploma of Leadership at Higher Education
level and Planetshakers Internship or

First year as a
full time student

With our first year program, you will
receive two different qualifications.

What is included in a Higher
Education of Diploma in Leadership?

What is included in the
Planetshakers internship and ILC?

“Through this Diploma I have grown to a new level of understanding of who my God is and how He has called us all to be leaders. I have gone to a new level of faith and confidence in His Word and call on my life. I think that college is by far one of the greatest environments to be able to learn, grow, and strengthen your knowledge and relationship with God. The ability to continually seek God through the subject s while you are learning about Him”



Planetshakers College
129 Whiteman Street
Southbank VIC 3006

PO Box 5171
South Melbourne VIC 3205

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