Bachelor of Ministry

Third Year

The Bachelor of Ministry offers units in Pastoral Ministry, Discipleship, Relationships and Church Planting. You will receive training in advanced pastoral ministry practices, preparing you for leading ministry roles in the context of the local Church. 

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Ministry, you will have:

  • Developed an understanding of the structures, processes, strategies, and philosophy of ministry in the 21st century Church
  • Gained Biblical insights and training for pastoral and counseling ministry in the area of relationships
  • Learned principles of personal and ministerial discipleship including children, youth, families and new Christians
  • Undertaken study in a variety of ministerial practices such as conducting weddings, funerals and pastoral counseling
  • Researched a variety of 21st Century church planting models and participated in a live church planting project
  • Undertaken an in depth study tour of Israel

“Through this Bachelor Degree, God has taught me so much about His Word and His Power, and how active it really is in my life. I have been pushed in my leadership and beyond what I thought was my limits into a new level of faith and in my capacity. This year has taught me so much about the world that we live in, and how much God wants to see it saved and how He wants us to work with Him to see the change it needs.



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