Associate Degree
of Theology & Ministry

Second Year

Empowered for Ministry

Building on the foundations of the Diploma of Leadership, you will delve deeper into Christian Theology and Biblical Studies. You will be equipped with guiding principles for Christian Ministry in contemporary society, develop spiritual disciplines in your own personal discipleship and consider Christian Ethical principles within the context of non-Christian worldviews.

Upon completion of the Associate Degree of Theology & Ministry, you will have:

  • Undertaken a survey of the History of Christianity
  • Understood the principles of Biblical Interpretation
  • Applied principles of Christian Discipline in your personal life
  • Considered the application of Christian Ethics in the wider community
  • Undertaken an exegetical survey of the Pauline Prison Epistles
  • Explored the centrality of Jesus Christ and His Salvific role in Scripture

Subject Outline

Students completing the Associate Degree of Theology & Ministry will study full time for 2 years, will have previously completed a Diploma of Leadership; undertaken intermediate units in Biblical Studies and Theology, carry culture, will lead teams and disciple others, hone spiritual gifts, and participate in a Cross Cultural Mission Trip.

“Continuing onto the Associate Degree has helped me take another step closer to who God called me to be. He has absolutely changed my perspective on what you can do when you walk in His anointing. If you are thinking about doing College - DO IT!! God will absolutely bless you giving up a year or two or three to pursue Him.”



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