Do you feel called to pastor people? To see people flourish in every area of their life through care, support and discipleship?

Pastoral Leadership will help develop the pastoral gift on your life and give you hands on experience of what it takes to care for the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of people in your local church and community.

We have 5 areas you can choose from :




Are you passionate about worship and the arts? Come and learn about how we as Planetshakers do church in the 21st Century, where we incorporate everything from sound + production, film + media through to our worship team. Here you will not only go behind the scenes and learn the practical realities of running a creative ministry – but you will also receive one on one training in your creative gifts, as well as practical and spiritual impartation from experienced musicians, singers, dancers, actors and worshippers.

There are 3 areas you can choose from :






The Conferences + Marketing stream is an all encompassing, relationship focused stream. While there are many processes behind what we do, our heart is to see people connect with God. You will be involved in building the relationship between Planetshakers and individuals and communicating the heart of Planetshakers across various communication platforms.

Internally, we ensure that all communications and events are reflective of His love for each individual within Planetshakers and to display the core DNA of Planetshakers to everyone who visits or calls Planetshakers home.

Externally, we endeavour to accurately represent Planetshakers as a welcoming, Christ-centred Church with a mandate to see generations empowered to win generations.

Both of these objectives are worked towards through various mediums, including but not limited to; social media, emails, internal and external events, the Planetshakers app, online content, videos and radio ads.




This stream is led by our International Director, Ps Neil Smith, and has a strong discipleship focus. Our goal is to develop students to be next generation leaders that will impact their community and their chosen sphere of influence, be it in the church or business world. Students will be challenged to think big and be globally-minded while remaining rooted in a local church.
The predominant focus on this stream is international missions. This focusses on our nation-discipling missions projects across the world. Students will have the opportunity to be a part of the inner workings of what it takes to transform a nation and be challenged to take ownership of particular areas of responsibility, carrying it through from beginning to end. Students will also be involved in running our international conferences in cities such as Manila, Jakarta, Austin, Cape Town and many more.
PlanetBusiness is the marketplace ministry at Planetshakers is also included within this stream. As part of this stream, students will be involved in events and discipleship tools that help invest into the business-people and corporate employees of our church, inspiring and equipping them to be Kingdom-influencers in their spheres.
As this stream has a wide scope of involvement, students will have a diversity of experiences throughout the year. With that said, we do try as much as possible to position people in their areas of passion to best enable them to thrive.




Our College provides students with the opportunity to attend as a part time or full time student via our ILC program. ILC enriches students in the culture of Planetshakers Church whilst being able to serve in their own local church. The vision behind this program is to effectively resource and release students in all that God is doing in their local churches.