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At Planetshakers College, our courses are internationally recognised and we welcome students from all corners of the world!

From beginning your application to arriving in Australia and settling in, becoming a student with us on campus, we have an amazing team on standby, ready to walk you through every step of the way!

International Students

In Australia, you are considered to be an international student if:

You are not an Australian citizen,

You are not an Australian permanent resident,

You are not a New Zealand citizen, or

You are not a holder of an Australian permanent resident humanitarian visa.

English Proficiency

If English is your second language, you are required to take an English Proficiency Test to demonstrate that you are qualified to study in Australia. This may be in the form of an IELTS results certificate. Minimum test scores to enter into the first year of our program:

IELTS Academic (min score 6.0)

If you have an equivalent result, please contact [email protected].

Application Pathway

Here's a brief outline of how your application process will look like:

Apply online


Receive offer letter & accept offer

Make full first semester fee payment

Receive your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) document

Apply for your Student Visa

Arrange housing

Book flights

Arrive in Melbourne

Required Documents

Student Visa

All required documents must be provided with your student visa application. Applications are generally made online and your documents should be scanned in colour and saved as PDFs, with certified translations if the original document isn’t in English.

Some of the documents required could be:
  • Passport
  • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) 
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement
  • evidence of English language proficiency 
  • evidence of funds
  • completed health examination reports
Use the Department of Home Affairs Document Checklist tool to find out more about these and any other documents you may be required to include with your student visa application.
Your application can take longer to process if:
  • you do not fill it in correctly.
  • you do not include all the documents or more information is required from you by the Department.
  • it takes the Department time to verify your information.

Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

The Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is an official document issued to international students. It confirms that you have accepted a place in a Sydney College of Divinity course, and have paid your tuition fees/deposit and Overseas Student Health Cover premium (OSHC). CoE lists your course details, start and end dates, any fees paid and estimated total fees required.​

Your CoE must be submitted as part of your student visa application. You must have a valid CoE while studying on a student visa in Australia.​

How long does it take to receive a CoE?
The college will issue your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) after you have:​
  • Signed and submitted the Overseas Student Enrolment Agreement, and​
  • Met any outstanding conditions of your offer, and​
  • Paid the tuition fee deposit, and​
  • Paid your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), and​
  • Provided any formal acceptance documents requested.​​
 Once all the conditions above have been met your CoE will be issued.​

Keeping your CoE once you are a student
The college must update the status of your CoE and notify the Department of Home Affairs (which may affect your visa) if you:​
  • Fail to commence your course within the commencement period​
  • Commence your course but choose to discontinue your studies before completion​
  • You are granted a leave of absence (a new CoE will be issued for your return)​
  • You fail to re-enrol in your program and your enrolment status becomes inactive​
  • You complete your program more than 2 months before the program end date on your CoE
  • Changes to your study plans
  • Are discontinued by the college for: non-payment of fees​, unsatisfactory academic progress, academic or general misconduct​.

Overseas Health Insurance Cover (OSHC)

An international student must maintain adequate health insurance for the duration of the student visa as it is a condition of the visa. This means you need to purchase Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and keep your policy up to date as long as you hold this visa.

OSHC assists international students to meet the costs of medical and hospital care they may need while in Australia. OSHC also includes ambulance cover and limited pharmaceuticals. These may range from a basic product which covers only the compulsory minimum services to comprehensive products which cover, in addition to the compulsory minimum services, extra services as specified under the particular policy.
OSHC is offered by certain insurers under a Deed of Agreement with the Department of Health to provide adequate health insurance to students at a reasonable cost. Only a small number of registered health insurers offer OSHC.

Here are some health insurers you may consider:

ahm OSHC

Allianz Global Assistance (Peoplecare Health)

BUPA Australia

CBHS International Health

Medibank Private


Always view the latest on OSHC and its providers for updated information.
Some exceptions may apply and you should check with the Department of Home Affairs to find out if special arrangements apply to you and if you are exempt from the requirement to purchase OSHC.
As holding OSHC is a visa requirement, take care to maintain your cover at all times. If your visa status changes at any time, inform your insurer as soon as possible to find out whether your level of cover is still suitable. When your student visa expires, then you are no longer eligible to hold OSHC.

Next Step

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