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A collation of resources for youth leaders, youth pastors and young leaders who have a passion to grow in their leadership and a desire to be empowered to win their generation.

More than just providing online resources, we want to partner and believe with you to see your leadership and your youth ministry grow. If you want to connect personally with Andy, Susannah & the Planetboom Team, click here.
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Featured image for “DJing”
Join Josh Ham & Andy Harrison as they review live footage of Josh DJing a pre show set before a Planetboom service. Get inside the mind of a DJ to find out why he does what he does and how this prepares the service for amazing Praise & Worship.
21 January 2022
Featured image for “Growing Small Groups”
Join us as we talk about all things related to growing small groups and using them to disciple and develop young leaders. Be empowered through practical keys and faith conversations to help you in growing, multiplying and pioneering small groups in your youth ministry.
14 January 2022
Featured image for “planetboom Music”
Hear about the journey of Planetboom Music along with an intro to all things Music, Songwriting and the power of Praise and Worship in Youth Ministry with Andy Harrison, Josh Ham and Noah Walker.
04 January 2022
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Featured image for “The A Team”
In every game, good players train and aspire to be chosen members of the "A-team"? What is the A-Team and who's in the team?
27 July 2021
Featured image for “6 Qualities of a Future Leader”
Within you lies something that can make a difference in your world. The decisions you make today will impact your tomorrow.
30 March 2021
Featured image for “Wanted”
God doesn’t need anything from us and He is never in lack, yet He WANTS something from us—a relationship. Read more about God's extravagant love for you today!
09 February 2021
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Featured image for “Day 7: We’re Family”
Family is forever and God uses this example of a natural family to say that in the JC Squad, we are now family, and we are His children.
15 January 2021
Featured image for “Day 6: We’re One”
Jesus came to this earth, He came to reconcile (big word meaning to end any separation—to bring back together) us and God, and us to each other.
15 January 2021
Featured image for “Day 5: Acceleration No Lag”
When we surround ourselves with the right people, we influence each other from strength to strength.
15 January 2021
planetboom album – Youth Group Foyer Vibes, Vol. 1

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You, Me, The Church, That's Us – Side A

A unique, eclectic live/studio hybrid album that encourages young people to find an intimate sense of belonging as part of the church family.

Available on all streaming platforms! 

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