Think Like A King


Neil Smith

Neil Smith

As Christians, we are called to be the ‘light of the world’ and to rise in our God-given destiny, partnering with like-minded people to win cities and make God famous in every sphere of society.

The marketplace is, however, often dominated by the ‘every man for himself’ mindset that leads many businesspeople to pursue and attain financial success, but often at great cost to their families, health, partnerships, reputation and faith.

This book will challenge, inspire andequip you to break free of this culture and gain influence, raise resource and achieve genuine success for Kingdom purpose, you must become someone who thinks differently.

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So, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to THINK LIKE A KING!

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We have very influential business people in our church that would love to preach from my platform. Unfortunately, they haven’t understood that their own platform in the marketplace is just as important because they are reaching people that might otherwise never come to church. Neil has been a blessing for our church because he’s helped us to see things differently. This refreshing perspective is what gives him the authority to write about being a light in the marketplace.

Senior Pastor, Su Presencia

Out now. Think Like A King companion workbook—designed to help you apply the principles in your life so that it is not just information, but a life-changing experience.


  • Where are you at? questions: designed to help you think about how you think! What are your current beliefs and mindsets?
  • Case/Bible Study: designed to take you deeper and expand on the content in the book.
  • Where are you going? questions: designed to help you apply the book's principles and implement new strategies in order for you to start thinking like a king.
  • Encounter Moment: designed to create room for an encounter with God—there is even a QR code that you can scan to play a worship song as you take a moment to pray, reflect and hear from the Holy Spirit.
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Don’t just read the book!

It’s time to pray, encounter God and THINK LIKE A KING!

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    In Think Like A King, Neil Smith challenges all of us to live with the mindset of royalty. This challenge to bring Kingdom principles to the marketplace is needed in every nation on Earth. Neil’s experience with the Planetshakers global movement and national impact initiatives strategically position him to lead God’s people in bringing the King’s influence to the world. Neil is a friend, a world-changer and one of the great strategic minds in the church today. You will be blessed by this book!
    President, Oral Roberts University
    Chair, Pentecostal World Fellowship
    Global Co-Chair, Empowered21
    United States of America