Day 1: Living Refreshed

Day 1: Living Refreshed

Published on 13 September 2019

Planetshakers Team

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When Jesus started up a conversation with the woman at the well it was out of the ordinary practices of life for that time. Usually, the women would gather together around a well in the morning hours and spend that time catching up with each other, discussing the latest ‘goings-on’ in the village. However, this woman was alone. Why was she alone? Was it because she had had 5 husbands as we would later discover in this encounter? This woman had been looking for love all her life. Her broken relationships revealed how hard it was for her to find fulfillment and what she was truly looking for to help satisfy her thirst.

What was also unusual about this encounter was that Jesus, a Jew, was talking to a Samaritan woman. His love was reaching beyond cultural barriers. He did not see her gender or her sin. He looked at this woman through the eyes of love.

We are all looking for love. And as human beings, we look for people to love us and fulfill us. However, Jesus offers us a love that will truly satisfy. He promises that it will be a ‘fresh, bubbling spring’. This unconditional love is available to us right now. There is no-one that will love us like God. He looks past our frailties and desires us just the way we are. We don’t have to prove ourselves worthy recipients of His love, His love goes way beyond that. His love restores, heals, encourages, beautifies. His love changes us from the inside out. His love satisfies. Why don’t you reach out for that love right now and let this bubbling spring refresh you and impart to you, eternal life. God loves you!


Jesus replied, “Anyone who drinks this water will soon become thirsty again.

John 4:13 (NLT)


Father, I thank you that you love me unconditionally. I thank you that you are reaching out to me right now to fill me and refresh me with your love. I know there are no barriers to your love so I receive your love by faith right now. I love you too Father. You are all that I need and I am so thankful that I have found you.

In Jesus name I pray.

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