Sam Evans

Global Senior Pastor

Sam Evans has been standing alongside her husband, Russell Evans, since the ministry’s inception, helping to champion the mandate of Planetshakers and implement the vision.

Sam is a gifted and anointed preacher and worship leader who operates powerfully in the prophetic. Every message she brings, culminates in the same truth that she has proven, first-hand, in her own life; “Run to Jesus, He is all that you need”. She is passionate about, and yielded to, the Holy Spirit, and attributes her success to His work in and through her life. She also displays a special love for her Heavenly Father who stepped in to faithfully fill the hole that her father left in her life, when she was just a young girl.

Sam is committed to the process of discipleship and loves to invest in young people, helping them to build their lives on the foundation of regular encounters with God and using the weapons of praise, worship and prayer to overcome challenges and obstacles. She is a devoted mother to Jonathan and Aimee, both of whom serve the Lord alongside their parents at Planetshakers Church in Melbourne, Australia.

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