Neil Smith

International Director

Neil Smith is the Planetshakers International Director and sits on both the Board and Eldership.

Neil is passionate about building the local church. He is deeply committed to the Planetshakers mandate, ‘Empowering Generations to Win Generations’, and has a passion to see upcoming leaders equipped and empowered to bring influence in their unique sphere.

Since 2015, Neil has spearheaded the ‘Believe Campaign’ in the Pacific Islands which aims to see cultural and systemic change take place in nations. He has met with world leaders and heads of state to discuss ways in which churches can partner with governments and local bodies to bring sustainable development and positive impact to the spheres of leadership, business, education, health and the church.

Neil is known for his strong leadership gift that transcends the boundaries of church and the corporate world. In addition to 30+ years of ministry experience, he has a background in building and it is this unique combination that makes him a sought after speaker, board member and consultant to many churches and organizations—locally and internationally.

Neil is a dynamic communicator with a powerful faith gift and the ability to inspire people to embrace their God-given destiny. He is highly relational and is gifted to connect people together to strengthen reach and impact.

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