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What a privilege it is to offer you a chance to apply for Planetshakers College. Our core mandate, “to empower generations to win generations”, is reflected within this year of service, where you will come to know more about yourself and this great God we serve. You will be empowered, enriched and propelled into your God- given destiny. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

We look forward to joining our hearts and lives together to see this world impacted by the good news of Jesus.


Seeing the potential of every person come to pass.

On February 8 2004, Planetshakers Church was launched in Melbourne, Australia. Senior Pastors Russell and Sam Evans, along with a team of people, relocated from Adelaide, South Australia to establish a contemporary church in the heart of the city. On opening night over 1,100 people attended, now the Church is ever- growing with thousands of people being reached throughout the state of Victoria and Internationally on a weekly basis.

Planetshakers Church believes in seeing the potential of every person come to pass. We have developed a range of training programs which are dedicated to creating a nurturing environment that will foster and produce people of influence, who will then lead others in every sphere of society.


Planetshakers College


    Course Code: 10017NAT
    CRICOS Course code:079678A

    The one year Diploma in Leadership builds a solid foundation of Biblical teachings and principles for ministry coupled with practical application and workplace skills across streams. Graduates of these qualifications can receive credit towards higher education offered by recognised Universities. Entry and credit into a Bachelor of Arts and some Master level course units can be achieved through Alphacrucis College. Upon completion of this qualification, students will have acquired the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills to serve effectively as leaders in a variety of settings. Participants who enter the course may be eligible for ordination as AOG ministers. The widely applicable nature of the skills acquired in this course will also prepare students for leadership in the workplace, in small business and in not-for-profit organisations.



    Communication and Preparation:
    Learn by doing. Learn the essentials of preparing a speech, sermon, or presentation; practice the art of effective communication; grow in confidence in public speaking.

    Leadership Ethics:
    Through case studies and practical application, understand and apply ethical frameworks in leadership contexts.

    Teamwork and Conflict Management:
    Take your leadership to the next level. An engaging and practical subject where you will learn the essential principles of teamwork and conflict management through a series of high level presentations and practical exercises/challenges.

    Introduction to the New Testament:
    A tour through the New Testament. Encounter Jesus through the proclamation of the Early Church, make connections with the Old Testament, and read the Bible with respect for context.

    Personal Development and spiritual growth:
    A world class discipleship experience led by Ps. Steve McCracken. Continue to develop your relationship with God. Learn the basics of prayer and hearing from God, and establish spiritual habits and devotional practices that will set you up for a lifetime of fruitfulness.

    Mentoring and Discipleship:
    This is an opportunity for you to put discipleship into practice and learn the art of mentoring by discipling others.

    Leadership Development:
    Learn how to identify leaders and develop your own leadership skills.

    Foundation to Christian Theology:
    Any building is only as good as its foundations. In this subject you will learn the foundational truths of the Christian faith, appreciate the importance of sound theology, and understand how to put it into practice.

    Pentecostal Distinctives and Early Revivalists:
    Understand the biblical and theological foundations of the Pentecostal movement. Be inspired by great revivalists past and present. Gain practical teaching and experience in prophecy, dreams and visions.

    Introduction to the Old Testament:
    A tour through the Old Testament. Understand the story of the Old Testament from Creation, the call of Abraham, the Exodus and later history of the people of Israel, and how all finds fulfilment in Christ.

    Elective Subjects:

    Pastoral Care:
    Getting down to the nitty gritty of what it means to care for others

    Learn the basics of performing music in a group setting and using those skills to lead others in worship



    Course Code: 10037NAT
    CRICOS Course code: 079676C

    The purpose of this course is to equip students to operate effectively in full time ministry. The course equips students with the depth of knowledge and skills necessary to provide structured ministry to others and lead ministry teams in the church or other Christian context. The skills and knowledge acquired will allow students to effectively undertake tasks that are typical in various types of ministry, such as pastoring, teaching, preaching, and leading. It will also equip students to create solutions to complex and unpredictable problems in the ministry context. The course will develop the skills necessary for students to take responsibility for a specific ministry program.

    INTAKE • MID 2015



    We have adapted this course to suit students who wish to remain connected to their local Church. You have the opportunity to study at Planetshakers College and benefit from our world class lecturers mid-week, and return weekends to serve and contribute into your local church. You will also be a part of Planetshakers Conference and our weekly Chapel sessions. Your 8 hours of practical stream work and serving each Sunday will be fulfilled at your local church.



    Planetshakers College is excited to announce the launch of our Part Time options. Students are now able to participate in College through evening classes and various day time options. Students will be able to complete the Diploma in Leadership over a two year period or alternatively unit by unit.




    Planetshakers College is also offering an Internship program for those who are not wishing to study at the College and simply want to dedicate time to a stream. The Internship will consist of a minimum of 3 week days serving in any one of the streams we have to choose from, plus serving on Sundays. Here you will experience the culture of the Kingdom through Planetshakers Church. You will be discipled and trained to build great foundations in your life, developing a heart and character that enables you to flourish. Come on board and be part of a team while learning some great skills in one of our streams. You can also expect to be a part of all the other extras of Planetshakers College including; weekly chapel services, major conferences, urban life groups, church courses, leadership days, college retreats, events and much more!

    2 x Weekday 9:30am – 5:30pmStream
    Thursday 10:00am – 5:30pmChapel + Stream



  • Creative Arts

    The Creative Ministry stream is for musicians, singers and dancers passionate about developing their craft for a Kingdom purpose. Our goal is to equip you to serve in any sphere of the Creative Arts with a spirit of excellence, creativity and professionalism. Be part of a great team, serve in pastoral areas and administration, learn how to lead people in praise and worship and come to understand the culture and heart of a true worshipper. Creative Ministry students will take part in all other aspects of College life but as an extra will be part of a *master class every fortnight with topics relevant to your specific area and growth. You will also receive a 1/2 hr private lesson fortnightly, Dance students will receive a *1 hour group class. Music Students will also be expected to sit for CPM exams relevant to their chosen area. Dance students will undergo a similar examination process. Each applicant will leave with a form of accreditation for studies undertaken in their relevant field.

    Audition Requirements
    You are required to perform 2 contrasting pieces no longer than 3 min each. You will need to either present in person or provide Planetshakers College with either a CD/DVD or in digital format of your audition to

    The Registrar
    PO Box 5171
    South Melbourne, VIC 3205

  • Ministry & Events

    If you have a desire to see people cared for, growing in their relationship with God and fulfilling their destiny, then this stream is for you. Jesus said to Peter, “If you love me take care of my sheep.” (John 21:16)
    In this stream you will gain an understanding of what it takes to run a local church and pastorally care for people. A key part of this stream is an insight into the prayer ministry of Planetshakers City Church. You can expect to be trained and equipped in intercessory prayer. You will be taught on how to pray strategically, exploring the prophetic and how to use basic counselling skills.

  • Media

    The Media stream is designed for anyone wishing to learn about the creative heart of graphic design and media in the church today. You will learn a range of skills, being involved in projects including photography, filming, editing, print work and graphic design. Be part of the production of weekly multimedia church news and come behind the scenes to see what it takes to run our annual conferences in large venues and stadiums across Melbourne. The Media stream draws upon the expertise of the Planetshakers staff, each of who are highly skilled and world class in their field. Experience is not a requirement but some skills in this field will help! Planetshakers is internationally renowned for media and graphic presentations that touch hearts and nations; you could be part of this today.

  • Production

    The Production stream will teach you what it takes to produce a spirit of excellence in church and event production, sound engineering, lighting, stage performance, audio recording and mixing. This stream will specifically include audio production of podcasts and radio advertisements, operating audio and lighting equipment for weekly meetings, event logistics, concert production, administrative assistance and the weekly production of Planetshakers Church services and annual conferences on a large scale. Learn what it takes to be on the cutting edge of production in today’s Christian culture.

  • University Ministry

    Being in the planetUNI stream will give you the option to be a part of so many different elements of the University Ministry. You will be a core part of helping the ministry run on a day-to-day basis, but you will also get the opportunity to help out in one of the many areas we cover – media, production, event management, on campus outreaches, and of course praying for and pastoring our university students!

    By choosing to be a part of the PlanetUNI Team you have the opportunity to partner with us to see campuses won for Jesus. We believe that university years are more than just getting an education, it’s a significant time in people’s lives where they establish a platform for their future. Our desire is to see students discover the call of God on their life during this season. Come and be a part of impacting the campuses of Melbourne – there’s nothing like it!

  • Youth Ministry

    If you choose to be involved in the Youth stream you will have the opportunity to partner with Planetboom in impacting the lives of teenagers from all across the city. You will take on an active role in pastorally caring for teenagers through our Urban Life Groups; and be part of the journey of seeing teenagers give their lives to God, be discipled and empowered to win their generation. Each week you will be the hands and feet of Jesus in over 30 local high schools. You will help coordinate events, in class programs, lunch time programs and large outreach events. The high schools ministry is a chance to develop amazing relationships by serving the community, including outreach in skate parks, with refugee groups and in commission housing.

    You will also be apart of a team that will help plan and run youth events such as our weekly Planetboom services and our Planetboom Camp. With 600+ teenagers, our weekly Friday night Planetboom services will allow you to gain practical experience in event management, production, media, music, creative stage and foyer design, pastoral care administration, bus ministry, setting up and packing down of venues, and much more! There will be many opportunities to disciple and mentor teenagers, and learn the steps involved in taking New People and New Christians through our discipleship process.

    The Planetboom Youth stream will challenge you, stretch your capacity and will develop your leadership skills and gifting and give you great insight and hands on experience in the day to day workings of our Youth Ministry.

  • Kids Ministry

    The Kids Ministry stream is a once in a lifetime opportunity! You will be placed at the nerve centre of the PlanetKids team at Planetshakers, being trained in all things relating to kids’ ministry. Your involvement will include kids outreach, kids conferences, preaching, puppetry, illusions and face painting, small group leadership, administration, kids club involvement, and the running of Planetkids services on Sunday. A big focus of Planetkids is the pastoral care. Be trained in visits, calls and the loving follow up of children. There is also the opportunity to be a part of our Kids Curriculum team using Final Cut Studio, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator to make resources that will impact children and leaders across the world. Planetkids is leading the way in kids ministry, be part of this amazing team today.

  • Community Outreach

    Planetshakers Empower is the ministry of Planetshakers City Church that meets the social, practical and emotional needs of the community. Empowered by the Holy Spirit we put your faith into action by taking the love and power of Jesus outside the four walls of the church to those in need in the community with a passion to see our City transformed. In this stream you will have opportunity to be involved in many aspects of PS Empower: Street Team, The Pantry, Community Dinners, Prison Ministry, Support for Asylum Seekers & Refugees and much much more. This ministry is constantly evolving and expanding as opportunities to reach the community of Melbourne surface. If you are passionate about people and have a desire to see this City transformed, this stream is a must for you!


Diploma of Leadership $6,420 $6,920
Advance Diploma of Leadership $9,950
(incl Missions Trip)
(incl Missions Trip)
Internship Program $2,375 $2,750


Inclusive are costs for our major Conferences, College retreat and Church Courses
*Note fees for the Creative Ministry stream if you choose to do it will cost an additional $1,100

Non Accredited $200 per unit
Accredited $535 per unit
. .


Part Time classes are available accredited or non-accredited and are charged according to the price above per unit.

APPLICATION FEE (non-refundable) $50

January Intake prior to 20th Jan 2015
Mid Year Intake prior to 20th Jul 2015

LATE FEE (non-refundable) $100

January Intake after to 20th Jan 2015
Mid Year Intake after to 20th Jul 2015



Installments are accepted per semester for domestic students. Payments due: Students are invoiced per Semester with payments due by the following dates if paying per semester.

• Semester 1 – Friday 23rd Jan 2015
• Semester 2 – Friday 24th Jul 2015

** All fees are quoted in Australian dollars.


A week in the life of a student at Planetshakers College consists of 4 days (minimum) of service and study; this includes a Sunday for our church services. You can expect to be a part of weekly discipleship sessions, prayer meetings, serving on ministry teams, church conferences and small groups, community outreaches, mission teams, leadership training days, camp/retreats and much more.

It is often fast paced, intense at times, and will require great discipline and an intimate relationship with Jesus to see you thrive. It does ask of you great commitment and many sacrifices will have to be made for you to get the most out of your time at Planetshakers College. This is not just a course where you will gain some accreditation for your study, but should be looked at as a year of transformation, equipping, leaving past mindsets behind and embracing all that God has for you in every area of your life.

 Expect to be treated like family in an environment of encouragement and love. Expect to catch the culture of the Kingdom through Planetshakers Church! Expect to read, study and live out the Word of God, expect to praise and worship God, expect to develop a consistent devotional and prayer life, expect to laugh, cry and laugh some more, expect to be challenged, expect to become more like Jesus. Expect to live in the supernatural!


Melbourne is a diverse and multicultural city. As the capital of the state of Victoria, it is set around the shores of Victoria’s Port Phillip Bay and boasts a lively and cosmopolitan pulse, with great shopping, buzzing cafes, immaculate gardens, festivals and popular sporting events. Melbourne is widely regarded as the cultural and sporting capital of Australia. It has shared top position of the worlds’ most liveable cities based on its cultural attributes, climate, cost of living and social conditions.

12:30pm – 9:30pm
10:00am – 9:30pm
Chapel + Lectures
1 x Weekday
9:30am – 5:30pm



Over the last few years, we have seen numbers of lives set free and set on fire with a purpose to bring heaven here on earth. The heart of Planetshakers College is to empower generations with the truth of God’s word to go out into all nations and see hearts and lives set free and see the expansion of God’s unshakable Kingdom. So with that in mind, we are excited to be able to invite International students from all over the world to apply and be a part of Planetshakers College.

We believe that as you set aside this year for God and watch him do the miraculous in your life, you too will be empowered and equipped to revolutionise your nation for Jesus.


What you need prior to applying:

Complete the online application form for College.
Colour Passport Photo of Yourself.
Download the Pastoral Reference Form.
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Insurance Premium. For more information about OSHC, visitMedibank Private.
Application Fee.
Copy of Police Check from your own nation.
Certified copy of passport or birth certificate (certified means that an official authority has signed the copy to say it is “a true copy of the original”)

What you need once in Australia:

Copy of Australia Police Check (you will need to apply once you enter Australia at Orientation)
Working with Children’s Check (you will need to go to a Post Office to organise your WWCC, once you arrive in Australia)

Send all of these documents to

The Registrar
Planetshakers College
P.O. BOX 5171
South Melbourne,VIC 3205

There are specific entry requirements which must be met. Please see below:
 Must have been a committed Christian for at least 12 months.
 Must have completed a basic New Christian course conducted by their local church.
 Must be presently involved in the life of a local church and demonstrate levels of mature discipleship.
 Must have current involvement in a local church and approval of their Pastor for this application.
 Must have evidence of English proficiency if English is their second language.
 Involvement in ministry in the local church (reference from church leadership will be sought)
 Other Categories: Mature age, special entry, articulation from other AQF programs
 If applicable, for overseas students, the International English Language Testing System requirement for this award is 5.5
 Completed High School Certificate or equivalent level of study.
 Please note that overseas students must maintain a full-time enrolment (6 subjects per semester) at all times.
 Application procedure is outlined in information pack and enquiry letter.


Apply Online »


Public Transport is an available option to take to all of our campuses. Purchasing a Myki Pass will enable you to use the buses, trains and trams located in and around the city. For more information on Melbourne’s public transport system please see


Moving to Melbourne and away from home can sometimes be overwhelming. Planetshakers College does not offer accommodation; however, where possible, Planetshakers College is happy to assist those who are seeking accommodation. Most students tend to find housing together, so please let us know if you are looking for a place to live and we can point you in the right direction.


It is the student’s responsibility to find part time employment whilst completing College, however our staff at Planetshakers College are more than happy to assist you wherever possible. There are three free working days available for part time employment and we encourage students to find employment to help fund living expenses.

COE Number

COE stands for Confirmation of Enrolment. To obtain a student visa you will need a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) from the college. You will first need to be accepted by the College and then pay the minimum fees. We will then issue you with a COE in your Acceptance Letter which you will need to apply online for your Student Visa.


If you are not an Australian citizen or holder of an Australian Permanent Resident Visa and you need to obtain a student visa in order to begin studying the Diploma in Leadership at Planetshakers College.

To obtain this visa, please follow the steps & instructions on You have to apply to be a student at Planetshakers College & be accepted before you can apply for your Student Visa. You can apply online for your Student Visa.

Medical and travel Insurance

All international students are required to pay for health cover (Overseas Student Health Cover – OSHC) as a part of visa requirements. Health insurance is important while you are overseas. We suggest Medibank Private as the company to provide you with Health insurance.

This insurance pays benefits towards Medical Practitioners (including specialists) who treat you in the event that you require a visit to the hospital, doctors office, or should you require home care, surgery, or any pathology service such as blood tests and X rays. The following website is where you will find further information & also apply for health cover online at


To gain entry into Planetshakers College you must be able to demonstrate that you have sufficient English skills to complete our courses. If English is your second language you are required to take an English competency test.

At Planetshakers College we accept the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and request students to undertake the test for General Training. To find out more about the assessment and where you can arrange to have it done please visit the International English Language Testing System web site at

International English Language Testing System assessment results or equivalent evidence of English proficiency must be completed and supplied to Planetshakers College (certified) before overseas students from non-English speaking backgrounds will be accepted.




Intake 1 runs from February to December and
Intake 2 runs from July to July the following year.

The Diploma in Leadership runs for 1 year.
The Advanced Diploma follows on from the Diploma and runs for another year.



Complete the online application form. 

College Online


Organise the following…

  • Colour Passport Photo of Yourself
  • Certified copy of passport or birth certificate (certified means that an official authority has signed the copy to say it is “a true copy of the original”)
  • Organise Pastoral Reference
  • 300 word hand written salvation testimony
  • Application Fee
  • Working with Children’s Check (you will need to go to a Post Office to organise your WWCC, Internationals to do this once in Australia)
  • Copy of Police Check
  • Certified evidence of a functional level of speaking English if from overseas.


Contact us if you have any questions
Phone: +61 3 9896 7999


Submit your application with all the required items in Step 2 to the following:

 The Registrar
Planetshakers College
PO BOX 5171
South Melbourne VIC 3205


Get ready to hear from us.
We will contact you to organise an interview.


Students entering the College courses must exhibit:

  • Minimum age of applicant is 18 years old.
  • Must be a committed Christian for at least 12 months.
  • Must be presently involved in the life of a local church.
  • A sound level of ability in written and spoken English.
  • Successful completion of Year 10 or a 500 word written statement of purpose.
  • A high level of personal integrity and maturity and a willingness to comply with the College ethics and requirements.
  • Complete a successful application and interview process.



PHONE +61 3 9896 7999

To assist us with providing you with as much information as possible, please complete your details below.


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