Creative & Production

At Planetshakers, we are always looking for new ways to creatively express the greatness of our Father God. We believe that the most beautiful and inspirational things are birthed by the Holy Spirit and expressed in such a way as to inspire others to worship God.

In the Bible, we read about King Solomon building the temple of the Lord. He used the most precious materials to make a place for the presence of God to reside. The completed temple was literally “breathtaking” and people travelled from the ends of the earth to be amazed by this extravagant example of creative worship.

In the same way, we desire to use the tools and materials God has given us – sound, lighting, design & media – to create an atmosphere that enables people to encounter the presence of God in a powerful way.

Our creative and media team are split up into three departments:


Our Production Department looks after stage design, lighting and sound. Our production is world class with a focus on creating an environment of excellence that allows people to encounter the presence of God.

Design & Film

Our design and film department covers a variety of creative mediums including graphic design, web design, motion graphics, video editing and filming. The team is passionate about creatively expressing the greatness of our God through fresh, relevant and first class design and video productions.


Our video and photography department includes a team of skilled and creative photographers. This department is focussed on capturing footage and images that creatively portray all the great things God is doing in and through Planetshakers Singapore.

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