For your child to attend Planetboom, you must fill in a parental consent form for them.

If they are new to Planetshakers, fill in this form

If they are already involved in Planetshakers, fill in this form 


We email direct communication regarding upcoming events (inclusive of event details, bus details, consent forms & registration forms etc.) to parents on a monthly basis. These emails are specific to the campus which their child is involved in. If you would like to receive these emails, please sign up here. In signing up, your information will remain confidential and you will be given the option to unsubscribe at any time.


What happens at Boom?

Boom is our weekly Friday night youth service. We charter private buses from suburbs across Melbourne, to our Planetshakers City Campus for these services. There are between 700-1000 teenagers in attendance on any given Friday night. These nights involve all the elements of a normal Planetshakers Church service- Praise and Worship, Preaching, Salvation Altar Call, Offering, Announcements etc. These nights are relevant to teenagers and throughout the term certain dates will have a specific focus or theme for the night. We also hold services in our other campuses which run in a similar format, but are smaller in size.

Who can attend Boom?

Boom is open to any teenagers from years 7-12 who have parent consent to attend. We also allow Year 6’s to attend in Term 4 as they begin their transition to high school. Children younger than this and teenagers older than this are not allowed to attend unless specifically approved. Adults who are not part of the official Volunteer or Boom Team are also not allowed to attend unless they have specific approval and a Working with Children Check Card. If you are a parent who would like to attend Planetboom with your child, please contact us at [email protected].

What is in place for supervision and security at Boom Events?

Along with our Planetboom Youth Staff members, we have a team 150+ screened and trained Planetshakers youth leaders who supervise teenagers throughout the night (on our chartered buses and during Boom on Friday nights),

We also have multiple professional venue security guards and a team of approximately 15 Planetshakers volunteer security teams on site throughout all City Boom events. These teams are there to supervise behaviour and ensure that the venue is secure and safe for all teenagers. All of these volunteers hold current Working with Children Check Cards and have gone through training for this role. Teenagers are not allowed to leave the venue throughout the night. Please note that all Planetshakers events are strictly drug and alcohol free events. If teenagers are found in possession or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, parents will be notified and transport home will need to be arranged immediately.

What do I need to bring to Boom?





Money for:

$5 Bus Trip

Snacks at Boom Cafe (optional)

Offering (optional)

NB We recommend where possible, not to carry valuables on you, however any valuables that are brought will be your personal responsibility.

Is there First Aid onsite?

For all Planetshakers Events, we are required to comply with our relevant OHS policies and procedures. As part of this, a number of trained First Aid Officers (inclusive of Planetboom Staff) are on call at all events.

What do I need to do if I want to visit Boom?

Firstly, you must fill in our parental consent form above. Secondly, we’d recommend that you meet at a Boom Bus Stop to travel to our event or you can join us at the venue on any date.

Where is Boom held?

Boom City services are held at our Planetshakers City Campus Church Venue at 400 City Road, Southbank. Occasionally we run events at an alternate location and details for this will be found on the relevant campus page under our calendar. We’d also recommend you follow @planetboomyouth on instagram for regular updates on events.


General Info

We charter Buses from all across Melbourne to our services each Friday to assist in transporting teenagers to our venue.. Teenagers are most welcome to travel to our events in the way that is most convenient for them- whether that is via bus or meeting directly there.

Bus Stops

Bus stops are held in over 40 locations in Melbourne. They are typically at a fast food location or central meeting point in the local area. The bus stop times and locations are prone to change across the year as the number of teenagers coming from different locations also changes. We are always working on routes to make them as convenient and efficient as possible. To see the current bus stops, please click here.

To ensure your teenager does not miss the bus, we suggest them meeting at the stop 10 minutes before the departure time.

There will be a Planetboom leader present at each stop before it departs and when it drops off at the end of the night who is responsible for the supervision of the teenagers travelling to and from Boom.

Each bus is chartered through private bus companies.

Bus Cost

We require each teenager to pay $5 each Friday to go toward covering the cost of the buses.


What happens at Urban Life Groups?

Our Urban Life groups meet in suburbs across Melbourne, in groups of between 10-20. They are typically held at a local home or council venue. They are a great opportunity for teenagers to connect with other teenagers and leaders from their local area. Urban Life typically consists of social time, sharing food together and an Urban Life video devotional and study that is provided by Planetshakers Staff to all Urban Life Groups. The purpose of these groups if for teenagers to build positive relationships and community with people from their local area and to grow and be discipled in their relationship with God. Every groups is run and supervised by our screened and trained Planetshakers youth leaders who all have Working with Children Check Cards.

What to do if I want to visit an Urban Life Group?

Please contact us by emailing [email protected] and we will provide you with the relevant information for the group closest to you.


Planetshakers Conference

Each year Planetboom attends Planetshakers Conference. This is held at Hisense Arena and has over 10,000 delegates from youth groups and churches from around Australia. For more information about Planetshakers Conference and for information specific to youth please click here

Planetboom Camp

This year we are running two back to back camps.

Camp 1: Monday 30th September PM – Wednesday 2nd October AM

Camp 2: Wednesday 2nd October PM – Friday 4th October AM.

Location: Phillip Island Adventure Resort

Registrations: Will open after Planetshakers Conference at register.planetshakers.com