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Legacy - Part 2: Passion

20 years can be a long time, but in the life of Planetshakers it has flown by so quickly, it’s incredible to see what God has, is and will continue to do. Over 20 albums later, millions of people at live events across the world, Planetshakers are sold out for the mission more so than ever before; to empower a generation to win a generation. The method and some of the faces may have changed, but the mission has stayed on point – to encounter Jesus. Founder and lead pastor Russell Evans shares “For 20 years we have been passionately lifting up the name of Jesus and releasing the sound of praise. It started with a God-inspired idea to start a conference called “Planetshakers”, we didn’t know what Planetshakers was, we just stepped out in faith and did it, from there we have seen the birth of a new sound of music, Churches, Bible College, television show and tours all over the world with millions of people being drawn closer to Christ. Jesus spoke the language of the day, but He also backed it up with power; power to heal the sick, see breakthrough and restoration in people’s lives. That’s why we do what we do, to set an atmosphere where people can encounter Jesus”. Planetshakers can’t keep this experience to themselves, and this passion, energy and spirit has been captured on Legacy – Part 2: Passion. Recorded live at Planetshakers 20th anniversary Conference in Melbourne Australia to a full arena lifting up the Name of Jesus.


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Planetshakers Band is an Australian Christian Worship band based out of Planetshakers Church in Melbourne, Australia with multiple locations around the world.



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