Legacy - Part 1: Alive Again



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For centuries, words and instruments have painted pictures of adoration to God that have echoed off the walls of cathedrals or filled the air of secret home churches. Yet, much like the people singing those sacred lyrics, the idea of worship and its musical sound have been on a journey.

Our Planetshakers Band has been forging new frontiers, pushing the boundaries of what modern worship sounds and looks like, and we have found a unique voice for conveying praise and love to God. Building on a legacy of innovation, our approach has resonated with a global audience, packing out arenas around the world.

With the release of Legacy – Part 1: Alive Again, recorded in Manila, Philippines and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we expand our sound even further. Our senior Pastor, Russell Evans, sums up the vibe, “the Church should be the biggest party on the planet”.


Free lyric videos and chord charts

Alive Again

Chord Chart Lyric Video

Drawing Closer

Chord Chart Lyric Video

You Are Here

Chord Chart Lyric Video

All On The Altar

Chord Chart Lyric Video


Planetshakers Band is an Australian Christian Worship band based out of Planetshakers Church in Melbourne, Australia with multiple locations around the world.



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