Hisense Arena

Boom Sessions are the youth sessions of Planetshakers Conference, existing to empower the next generation of teenagers. Similar to previous years, teenagers will join in on all Main Conference sessions in the mornings and evenings but we will be running Boom Sessions (previously Nxt Gen) each afternoon specifically for youth. We want to invite every teenager, youth leader, and youth pastor to join us from 10th- 13th April 2019 as we pursue God God together for 4 nights and 3 days. 

  • Wednesday 10th April 2019 – Saturday 13th April 2019

    Hisense Arena, Olympic Boulevard, Melbourne

    Planetshakers Conference runs from Wednesday night to Sunday night with Boom sessions taking place in the afternoons on Thursday, Friday & Saturday. These sessions are led by our Youth Pastors and Youth Leaders and are open to any teenagers in year 7-12.

    Registration price is $50 per person.

    Register with a group of 25 or more from your youth ministry and you will receive reserved seating in the Youth seating area across Conference.

  • Parking throughout the Melbourne & Olympic Parks precinct is quite limited. Public transport is the quickest and easiest way to get to and from an event at Melbourne & Olympic Parks. Trains, trams and buses operate frequently, dropping you right at the door of Hisense Arena.


    You can pre-book your parking at Melbourne Olympic Park until 11.30pm the day prior to conference and will save you 33%.


    Alternative parking operated by different operations are available surrounding the precinct.

    For Yarra Park/MCG open dates and gate opening times see parking schedule.
    Venues are within 10 minutes’ walk.
    11 Exhibition Street
    121 Exhibition Street
    12-20 Flinders Lane
    114 Flinders Street
    28 Flinders Street
    32 Flinders Street
    172 Flinders Street
    Federation Square
    202 Flinders Lane
    Around the Botanical Gardens and along the Yarra River metered parking is available.


    Please also make use of Melbourne’s free tram zone in the CBD and our discounted group ticket called a “Prepaid Travel Authority.” More information about these deals can be found on the “Public Transport Victoria” website.


    For more information about getting there including timetables, fares and maps contact 1800 800 007 or visit Public Transport Victoria. For a full range of online and mobile tools available to help you access public transport information, go to Public Transport Victoria.

  • There is a designated Youth Entrance and Exit to Hisense Arena. This entrance is intended to make it easy for both you and your youth group to get priority access to the arena and your seats. At this entry there is a Youth Registration/ Check In Booth, a Youth Cloakroom and Youth Ushers ready to assist you in any way. If you enter through this Youth Entrance, you will also walk through our “Chillsville” Space- a supervised area where youth can hang out and relax outside the arena during all breaks.

    The Youth Entrance can be found on the Eastern Side of Hisense Arena and is easily accessible from Melbourne & Olympic Park Carpark, Olympic Boulevard and Richmond Train Station. (See map below).

    Once you enter Hisense Arena Foyer through this door, you will be right in front of Auditorium Doors 7 & 8, which will give you access to the designated Youth Seating area.

  • Do I need to check in? 

    Once registered, every delegate must check in and pick up their wristband. This wristband must be worn throughout the entirety of Conference for access to the arena.

    Where & when can I check in?

    • Planetshakers Church

    Check-In Stands will be open one month prior to conference across all Planetshakers church campuses.  These stands will be open between church services.

    • Planetshakers Offices

    Address: 10-12 Cecil Street Southbank

    You can check in one month prior to conference at the offices

    • Main Hisense Arena Entrance

    The registration booths will be open for check in from 10 am onwards on Wednesday, 4th April 2018.

    • Youth Entrance

    The registration booths will be open for check in from 5 pm onwards on Wednesday 4th April 2018.

    An I switch my wristband?

    Wristband Colours.

    Youth wristbands: Black or White

    Youth leaders: Silver

    The wristband colours stated above will give you special access to the youth entrance and youth seating area through Doors 8 & 9. If you are a teenager or a youth leader and you receive a different coloured wristband, please speak to the registration team and they will be able to switch your wristband for the right colour.

    What if I misplaced my wristband?

    If you misplaced or broke your wristband, please see our Registration team at any of the Registration Booths. They will be able to give you a replacement wristband for a fee of $5.

    Can I check in on behalf of someone else?

    If you are a group leader (i.e if you have more than 1 person registered under your account), you can check in on behalf of anyone registered under your account. Please ensure all registrations within your account have been allocated with names to enable check-in.

    If you are a parent or a youth leader, you can also check in on behalf of your teenagers (event i they are not registered under your account).

    Any individual can check in and pick up their own wristband, even if they are apart of a group registration.

    • Bible / Notebook / Pen
    • Registration Wristband (collected at check in)
    • Water (subject to T&C of Hisense Arena)
    • Packed food & snacks or money for food (subject to T&C of Hisense Arena)
    • Comfortable clothes / Warm clothes for early mornings & late nights
    • Deodorant

    Will I need extra money?

    If you are wanting to purchase any of the items below, you will need to brin extra money:

    • Planetshakers Conference & Boom Merchandise
    • Offerings
    • Early bird registration for Planetshakers Conference 2019
    • Food Vendors on and off site


    We recommend where possible to not carry valuables on you, however any valuables that are brought will be your personal responsibility.

    Storage of belongings and valuables

    We recommend that you bring a small bag to use across the conference. If needed, you can make use of our Youth cloakroom located at the Youth Entrance to store your belongings throughout the day.

  • There are a number of food vendors onsite at Hisense Arena with simple take away/ fast food options available. As well as that, there are many local food outlets within walking distance/ tram ride from Hisense Arena. Here are some of these options

    Swan Street, Richmond (accessible via tram, car or walking):

    • Coles (1.2km)
    • Grill’d Burgers (1.2km)
    • Hunky Dory Fish and Chips (1.3km)
    • Spud Bar (1.4km)
    • Dominos Pizza (1.5km)
    • KFC (1.9km)
    • Over 30 other Takeaway, Café & Restaurant Options within on this street

    CBD (accessible via tram, train, car or 1.5km walk):

    • Hungry Jacks (1.6km)
    • KFC, Swanston St (1.7km)
    • Nandoes, Flinders St (1.6km)
    • McDonalds (1.6km)
    • Subway (1.6km)
    • 100’s of other options!

    Please note, Hisense Arena prohibits the distribution of any “organized food” on their premises as per their Terms & Conditions. If you are ordering food for a large group we ask that you do this on public property outside the arena and not within the Melbourne & Olympic Parks premises.

  • Chillsville

    We would love you to come join us at “Chillsville” which is a large outdoor area outside the Youth Entrance that is sectioned off specifically for youth to use during any breaks. This area is supervised and is a place where you can sit, relax, eat, connect with other youth and be entertained. There will be adequate shelter and seating in this area as well as access to:

    • Bathrooms
    • USB/ Power Outlets for Phone Charging
    • Music
    • Gaming Stations
    • Inflatables
    • Photobooth
    • Basketball
    • Competitions and Entertainment

    The Chillsville space also has a direct access pedestrian bridge to Tram Route 70 Stop, Melbourne & Olympic Parks Carpark and is also a short walk from Richmond Station.

    Travel To Get Food

    Either catch a tram or take a short walk to Swan Street Richmond or Melbourne’s CBD where there are many food options and spaces to explore with a group. Melbourne also provides a “Free Tram Zone” when travelling within the CBD-travel within this zone does not require a myki pass. Please look at “Getting There” & “What To Eat” for more details regarding food and public transport.

  • Youth Pastors’ & Youth Leaders’ Concierge

    There is a Youth Pastors’ & Youth Leaders’ Concierge Team available at all times to assist you throughout the conference. Please visit our Concierge Team at the Concierge Lounge located in the foyer in front of the youth entrance. They can assist you with any inquiries and information but are also available to connect with you and introduce you to other youth leaders. Please go visit them!

    Groups of 25+

    If you are registering with a group of 25+ youth and youth leaders, we will be helping arrange reserved seating for you in all sessions across Conference (this reserved seating will be within the Youth Seating Area). If your youth group has individually registered rather than in a group, we will not be able to identify them as a group of 25+ through our database, so please contact us directly so that we can arrange this reserved seating for you also.


    If you are looking to book budget accommodation for your stay and are requiring assistance with this, please fill in your details under “Enquiries” on our home page. We do not currently have any pre-arranged deals for group accommodation but if there are groups needing assistance with this, we are happy to help look into options and to connect you with other groups also looking for group accommodation.

    What to do if you have a bus

    Buses are able to drop off delegates in allocated drop off zones (see below). However they cannot park on site for free and will need to search for alternate parking. You can purchase bus parking through Melbourne & Olympic Parks Carparks for $50 per day:

    Alternatively, you can find street parking for your bus (our suggestion is along Alexandra Avenue).

    Drop off Zones:

    • Outside Hisense Arena on Olympic Boulevard (Passenger drop off zone)
    • Underpass accessed by Entrance D to Melbourne & Olympic Parks Carpark (5 min drop off zone)

    We’d love to hear from you!

    If you’re not already in touch with our team, please fill in your details on our home page under “Enquiries” so that we can keep you up to date with all the most current information and updates in the lead up to and during Planetshakers Conference 2018.


    Youth will be given black and white wristbands & youth leaders will be given silver wristbands that provide access to the Auditorium through Doors 8 & 9. They can then sit in the bays directly accessible from Doors 8 & 9 with all other youth. This area will be restricted to those with a youth/ youth leader’s wristband.

    Supervision & Security/ Parent Information



    As a Conference, we cannot account for the personal supervision of each teenager in attendance so it is important that you are aware of the Youth Leader or Youth Pastor that your teenager is attending with. The supervision of your teenager will be the direct responsibility of these people. We will also have venue staff and guest services teams present at all times and in all locations of the arena.

    Can my teenager leave Conference throughout the day?

    In all breaks, teenagers are under the supervision of either their Parents or the Youth Leaders/ Youth Pastors they are attending with. It is therefore at the discretion of these people as to whether teenagers go off site or not. This is a conversation you should have with you teenager’s Youth Leader.


    We will have paid Hisense security & Planetshakers volunteer security teams on site throughout the duration of Conference. These teams are highly experienced in dealing with large crowds, and are there to assist anyone during the course of the conference. 

    First Aid

    We have professional First Aid workers on site through St John’s Ambulance.


    We recommend where possible to not carry valuables on you, however any valuables that are brought will be your personal responsibility. Alternatively, there is also a cloakroom available for you to store valuables in.

    Contact Us
    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 1300 88 33 21

    Office Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday-Friday (AEST)

  • Are you a youth leader or youth pastor bringing a group and requiring any more info? We’d love to hear from you and to make sure you are getting all the updates and current information from us leading into and during Conference.


    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 1300 88 33 21

    Office Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday-Friday (AEST)

Planetshakers Conference is an annual conference held in Melbourne, Australia. If you would like to promote the conference in your local church, we have prepared a promotional kit for your use.


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