Marcus & Joni Lamb


Marcus & Joni Lamb

Marcus & Joni Lamb are founders of Daystar Television Network and have labored together for over 30 years broadcasting the Gospel through television.

Marcus began preaching as an evangelist at the age of 15 and was commonly referred to as the “Walking Bible” as he quoted so many scriptures in his sermons. While on a trip to Israel in 1983, God spoke to Marcus and told him to found a Christian television station in Montgomery, Alabama Daystar Television Network officially launched in 1997 with a live broadcast of T.D. Jakes’ New Year’s Eve service at the Potter’s House Church in Dallas.

Joni is a dynamic television executive, producer, singer, author, and talk show host. Joni is the Executive Producer and host of her own daily talk show, “Joni Table Talk,” which addresses relevant, Godly solutions for today’s complex problems. Joni displays the gentle nature of a lamb but the strength of a lion when defending the Word of God on difficult, issue-driven shows. Her uncompromising values have won the respect of millions worldwide. To date “Joni Table Talk” has received 10 Telly Awards, 3 Lone Star Emmy Awards, 6 Lone Star Emmy Nominations, and 5 Daytime Emmy Nominations.

Today, Daystar Television network reaches over 108 million homes in the U.S. over all major cable carriers and satellite systems. Globally, Daystar reaches over 2 billion viewers in every country around the world on a daily basis. Daystar is the fastest growing faith-based television network in the world! In 2006, Daystar became the first and only Christian television network to be broadcast in the nation of Israel.

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