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College Calendar.


Semester 1: 26th February – 6th July

Application Closes*
International – Closed
Domestic – Closed


Semester 2: 30th July – 10th December

Application Closes*
International – 18th June 2018
Domestic – 16th July 2018


Semester 1: 18th February – 23rd June

Application Closes*
International – 14th January 2019
Domestic – 1st February 2019


Semester 2: 15th July – 1st December

Application Closes*
International – 31st May 2019
Domestic – 28th June 2019

Planetshakers College reserve the right to make any changes to any of the published details without notice.
* Late applications assessed on a case by case basis

Tuition Fees and
Fee Related Information

All programmes are Higher Education courses.
All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Diploma of Leadership
(1st year programme)
Associate Degree in Ministry
(2nd year programme)
Bachelor in Theology
(3rd year programme)
 Part Time OptionsPART TIME
 $1020 per unit$250 per unit

1. The fees above are indicative and are subject to bi-annual review and change. Prices are correct as of October 2017.
2. Fees are inclusive of costs for our major Conferences, Church Courses and Orientation. Excluding Part Time
3. Domestic students may be eligible for FEE-HELP. Click here for further information.
4. The Music + Dance stream will attract an additional fee of $700 per year.
5. 1st & 2nd year programmes may also have an additional costs for missions trips in each year.
6. Students are invoiced half yearly with payments due by the commencement of the semester. [For 2018] Semester 1 26th February 2018 & Semester 2 30th July 2018.
7. Late fee penalty applies if payment is made after the following cut-off dates Semester 1 after 26th February 2018 & Semester 2 30th July 2018.