Your gift may be a child's only present this Christmas

Who are the gifts for?
Your gifts will be given to children through one of these organisations:

Salvation Army

North East
Odyssey House
Open House

South East
Windermere Cardinia Shire

Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency

Barwon Child Youth and Families (BCYF)
Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree

What do I do?
Bring your gift unwrapped or in a Christmas gift bag to
any of our Church Services on Sunday 8th December

What gifts are suitable?
Some suggestions, particularly gifts for kids aged 9-14*

  • Ball *
    (Football, soccer, basketball, netball)
  • Toy car/truck train
  • Orbit backyard tennis
  • Make up, hair accessories, nail polish*
  • Board game
  • Doll
  • Science Kit
  • Watch
  • Skateboard
  • Bluetooth speaker*
  • Walkie talkies
  • Lego
  • Meccano
  • Nerf foam guns 
  • Kite
  • Art supplies*
  • Jewellery making kit*
  • Jewellery

"My children have never received Christmas presents before. Thank you so much. They were so excited to open them."

— Mary*, solo parent of 3 children
*name changed