Geneva Campus

Protection Plan in response to COVID-19

16 June 2020

Hi Church,

We are praying for each one of you and cannot wait for us to all be back together again. We are so grateful for each of you for the faith and tenacity in this season.

Under current Swiss guidelines, church gatherings and services are now permitted to resume and we are looking forward to doing so.

We wanted to keep you informed of the procedures we have implemented in accordance with the relevant COVID-19 health guidelines. This is to ensure that you and your families enjoy a safe and healthy environment when attending one of our gatherings or church services. This includes the following:

  1. Washing your hands in the downstairs toilet facilities of the hotel prior to coming upstairs to the gathering / service.

  2. Upon arrival upstairs, your attendance will be taken. Any new visitors will be required to provide their full name and contact number (as stipulated by the new government regulations) which will be kept for 14 days.

  3. Seating will be set up respecting the social distancing measures of 2 metres. We ask you to respect these distancing measures. Masks will be available at the entry should you require.

  4. Hand sanitisers stations will be located around the hotel space. We encourage you to make use of them.

  5. The hotel is ensuring their regularity and quality of cleaning service in their building, and our team will be ensuring the regular cleaning of especially high contact surfaces during our gatherings / services.

We are so excited for this opportunity for us to start coming together once again as we gather together as the Church to encounter God. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Urban Life Coach or Pastor Natalie.

Geneva Campus