[Devotional] Fragile Jars

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Be a spiritual treasure hunter! Learn how to seek and find the hidden gems in God's Word. Your adventure starts here.

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You're more than just a clay jar. Discover the divine treasure God has placed in you. Read now to unveil your true worth.

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Learn how God restores our brokenness into something beautiful. A devotional inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi.

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Discover how God uses life's fragility to mold us into functional jars. A devotional that turns your "mess" into "messages".

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La Biblia nos dice que somos portadores/recipientes que contienen el Espíritu Santo. Lee mas acerca de de como puedes ser ese recipiente hecho para sostener, llevar y contener la presencia del Espiritu Santo a donde vayas.

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Discover the beauty of our fragility and how God uses it for His glory. A comforting read for those feeling broken.

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Discover your uniqueness as God's handcrafted creation with Planetshakers. Explore the fragility and treasure within you, knowing you are purposefully made by God.