Revival Devotional: Revive


Part One

Published on 21 September 2021

Sam Evans

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Jesus came to revive us.

We were dead in our sins and needed to be revived. Revival means to be restored back to life and that’s exactly what Jesus did when He died on the cross and rose again. His death brought us back to life!

Jesus came to give us ‘life and life to the full’ so His revival power can touch any area of our lives where things seem to have died. Maybe it’s a relationship, a dream, a desire or even a physical injury or illness— we all experience death of some sort in these areas from time to time.

Take a moment to reflect on God’s power and desire to revive you. We encourage you to ask Him for what you need and believe, by faith, for that revival to come into your life today!

Your promise revives me; it comforts me in all my troubles.

When something dies in our life, the thing we need most is comfort.

In those first few hours and days when we are hurting deeply, we don’t need solutions and advice—even when it is offered by well-meaning people. All we need is comfort; someone to cry with us, hold us or eat icecream with us— whatever it takes to ease the pain and help the healing process begin.

Death can feel overwhelming, but what is so amazing about God is that He desires to revive dead things in our lives and bring them back to life. Remember when Jesus went to the house of Jairus and all the mourners were gathered there weeping with the dead child’s family? Jesus did something very unexpected, even a little inappropriate to some, telling them to stop weeping and declaring that the girl wasn’t dead but only asleep. This kind of radical talk isn’t something we usually want to hear in our time of grief, but Jesus’ intention was to turn their sorrow into joy by reviving what was dead. They could not have imagined the turn around that was about to take place!

Death seems so final and impossible to overcome, yet Jesus destroyed the power of death when He went to the cross. Maybe it’s time we got a new revelation— a God perspective —of death. Whether it’s the death of a relationship or marriage, the death of a dream, the death of an opportunity—whatever it is that you are facing— be encouraged that Jesus can revive it. All He needs is our faith and our partnership. When we partner with Jesus, the Resurrection and the Life, by faith,we can see even the most impossible situations turned around!

A testimony was recently shared at Planetshakers Church, of a woman’s cousin being diagnosed with breast cancer. Because there was a family history of breast cancer, the diagnosis seemed to confirm that death was likely and that she too would fall victim to this inheritable disease. However, a group of faith-filled women began to pray, declaring life over the woman’s body. As the months passed by, instead of ongoing negative test results pointing to death, she started to show signs of improvement, eventually leading to total remission! Praise God that faith-filled people decided to partner with Jesus to believe for life in the face of death!

You may not have a physical need, but some other problem that needs the same resurrection power of Jesus to turn it around. Maybe you need a miracle today. Can we encourage you to partner with the Author of Life and believe for your own revival encounter today!


Dear Jesus,

I need a revival! You see the dreams and desires in my heart and You also see the obstacles that I am facing. It seems like death is surrounding me, but today I want to partner with You by faith to see revival come to all of these areas. I believe that You are the resurrection and the life and I believe You can revive even the most impossible situation. I ask You to revive me today, in Your name.


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