Revival Devotional: Loved


Part Seven

Published on 2 November 2021

Sam Evans

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As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.

Love has an amazing ability to revive.

Love has the power to revive dead relationships, a broken heart, a hopeless future and so much more. The most significant revelation that we need to take hold of is how much we are loved by our heavenly Father and that His expression of that love, through His son, Jesus, can revive even the most hopeless predicament.

You may think that it’s impossible for dead things to be revived in your life because of what you have done or the poor choices you have made. Fortunately, the very opposite is true! The most dire and hopeless situation is an invitation for God to display His glory, sweep into your life and revive what is dead or dying.

Do you remember the story of the funeral that Jesus interrupted in Luke chapter 7? Let’s read it together.

Soon afterward Jesus went with his disciples to the village of Nain, and a large crowd followed him. A funeral procession was coming out as he approached the village gate. The young man who had died was a widow’s only son, and a large crowd from the village was with her. When the Lord saw her, his heart overflowed with compassion. “Don’t cry!” he said. Then he walked over to the coffin and touched it, and the bearers stopped. “Young man,” he said, “I tell you, get up.” Then the dead boy sat up and began to talk! And Jesus gave him back to his mother. Great fear swept the crowd, and they praised God, saying, “A mighty prophet has risen among us,” and “God has visited his people today.” And the news about Jesus spread throughout Judea and the surrounding countryside.

We see the heart of Jesus overflow with compassion! This is the love that we are talking about— love that is moved to ACT. Jesus demonstrated this, time and time again. His love always resulted in action, eventually leading Him all the way to the cross to die in place of all mankind. This act of love revived us forever. We were once dead in our sins but came alive when Jesus loved us and died for us. This revival is available for everyone, any time they are in need of it.

If you need to be revived, why don’t you reach out to Jesus right now. He has never changed and His love and compassion for you will always move Him to action. You will receive His love, His power and His life, restoring and reviving you in your time of need!


Dear Jesus,

It’s hard to comprehend at times how much You truly love me, but today I am asking for this revelation to sink into my heart and bring about a revival in my life. I don’t want to live with doubts or insecurities. I want to live with the deep assurance that Your love is always there for me and that I can never be separated from it. I believe that Your love will drive You to act on my behalf and I am so grateful. I love You Jesus with all of my heart. I am Yours and You are mine.


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