Day 7 Glorious Collision

#letsgo Devotional

Day 7: Glorious Collision

The song “Glorious Collision” paints a picture of this story in Luke 7. Jesus had just come from performing a miracle and as He was entering a town called Nain with a large crowd of people, He sees a funeral procession exiting. Here we see a completely joyous group of people that have just seen the centurion’s servant healed going one way, and a depressed, sorrowful and grief-stricken group coming the other way. What happens next is a glorious collision. Jesus demonstrates his great compassion and completely turns the situation around by raising the young boy from the dead. Immediately, sorrow turned to joy, and an atmosphere of praise overtook an atmosphere of death. What an incredible story!

The Bible says that Jesus’ heart went out to the grieving mother as he saw the funeral procession. Today, reflect on the fact that Jesus is for you; his heart goes out to you! He sees it all, the good and the bad, and he is moved by the things that move you. Pray for a new revelation of this love.

Luke 7:6-15

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