We are all created to worship. As a loving Father, God is constantly drawing us to Himself. He longs to be close to us. As we offer up our gifts and worship Him in spirit and in truth, the sound of heaven is released on Earth and we see His Glory come, bringing freedom and life.

Our music & worship teams are passionate groups of people who join together with their many unique gifts and talents to serve God and His house. Our teams see it as an amazing privilege that God would use us to lead people into His Presence.

The Music & Worship Teams facilitate the leading of worship across all Planetshakers campuses as well as Awakening events and tours all around the world. In addition, we oversee the production of all the music for our albums.

It is our greatest desire to see every person encounter God and be changed in His presence as we lead them into worship. If you are gifted and passionate about this area, we would love to organise an audition for you!