Nada Es Imposible



Nada Es Imposible - Planetshakers first Spanish praise and worship CD. Release date: July 1, 2014


Featuring the songs: Que La Alabanza Despierte, Por Siempre Te Alabaré, Nada Es Imposible, Levantando Las Manos, El Himno, Grande Es Tu Amor, Este Es El Día, Estoy Asombrado, Sin Límites, Todo Mundo De Pie, Se Trata De Jesús.



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Endless Praise



The latest release from world-renowned Australian praise and worship band, Planetshakers, is said to be their best album yet.


The album consists of 14 fresh tracks capturing the energy, excitement and worship of Planetshakers Church, including powerful worship songs and dance party praise tracks. This album is a true reflection of the heart of Planetshakers, which is to see each person have a personal and powerful encounter with God resulting in Endless Praise.


Planetshakers' new album 'Endless Praise' will be released worldwide on 11th March 2014 in four different formats: CD, Deluxe Edition (CD+DVD), iTunes Deluxe Edition and Google Play.



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Limitless ‐ the latest release from world-renowned Australian praise and worship band, Planetshakers, is making waves as their best album yet.


It has already had more than 170,000 views prior to its international release, when a sneak preview of their first ever film clip (made to accompany the title track) was made available on YouTube.


The album consists of 13 incredible tracks including the powerful worship song "Your Name Brings Healing", dance party praise track "Let Praise Awaken" and "The Anthem" ‐ the updated full version of one of Planetshakers most powerful songs.


This album is a true reflection of the heart of Planetshakers, which is to see each person have a personal and powerful encounter with our Limitless God.


*CD & DVD Edition is only available in AU & NZ.


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Heal Our Land



Recorded live at Planetshakers Conference, Heal Our Land is the highly anticipated album release from world-renowned Australian praise and worship band, Planetshakers.


The album begins with ‘Supernatural’, a powerful declaration of reaching new levels in God, followed by faith-stirring ‘Do It Again’, also released as a single on iTunes. Worship tracks include ‘Strength of my Life’, ‘Hallelujah to the Lord' and ‘Running to You’ with Planetshakers’ passionate heart cry captured in title track, ‘Heal Our Land’.


With fresh production, dynamic vocals and powerful instrumental sections, 'Heal Our Land' is sure to refresh, encourage and inspire you to greater levels in God.


The true heart of Planetshakers is to see each person connect with and encounter God, and we pray you are truly blessed by this album.


Available on CD with bonus DVD including a live performance of ‘Nothing is Impossible’ featuring Israel Houghton.


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Nothing Is Impossible



Nothing Is Impossible is the long awaited studio album release from Australian praise and worship band Planetshakers.


This album, the first to come out of the studio in over 5 years, encapsulates the passion and energy that they produce live as well as highlighting the cutting edge values of producer Joth Hunt, and featuring the world class rhythm section of Mike Webber (drums) and Mark Peric (bass). The vocal sounds are as diverse as they are genuine and the title track, ‘Nothing Is Impossible’, features the dynamic vocals of Grammy Award winning artist, Israel Houghton.


This album will take you on a journey from the raw energy of ‘Bring It On’ to the deeply moving words of ‘No One Like You’, and the powerful declaration of ‘You Are God’.


Included with this product is a bonus DVD featuring 9 songs as well as loads of bonus content!


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Even Greater



Recorded live at the Melbourne Convention Centre in November 2009, EVEN GREATER is Planetshakers' brand new album. Over two services, thousands of worshippers gathered to bring passionate praise to our wonderful God. With 12 brand new songs including: "This Love", "Everyone", "Even Greater", "God is Able" and acoustic version of "Hope of all Hearts". We pray as you listen to these songs you'll encounter God like never before. He is calling you for something even greater.


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ONE (2009)


For 12 years Planetshakers was a youth conference held in different cities around Australia. In April 2009, all generations gathered together in Melbourne for Planetshakers Conference "ONE". Tracks include praise songs "Get Up", "No Compromise", and worship anthems "Like a Fire" and "Lift You High". As you experience the praise and worship on this album, we pray a fresh fire will be ignited in your heart. The 21st album for Planetshakers, "ONE" will surely stir your spirit to hunger for more of God.


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