God made you with love in mind.

The thoughts that God has towards you outnumber the grains of sand. You were knitted together in your mother’s womb with intent and purpose. You are His beloved. You are His joy. With this in mind I want to invite you to attend Beautiful Woman 2014 – Made for Worship.

I know it is the Father’s heart to reveal His adoring love to you. In a world of broken hearts and lost dreams, it is hard at times to truly comprehend and to receive the unconditional love of our Heavenly Father. However, the opportunity is here. Come to the loving arms of Father God and let His love heal you, comfort you, identify you and propel you further in this incredible journey called life.

I can’t wait to see you at Beautiful Woman 2014.

Love always,
Sam Evans

Subject to change

4.00 PM Registrations Check-In
7.00 PM Session One
9.00 AM Foyer Door Opens
10.00 AM Session Two
11.30 AM Morning Tea (Provided)
12.00 PM Session Three
1.30 PM Girl's Afternoon Out
5.45 PM Foyer Door Opens
7.00 PM Session Four


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Getting There

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre is located on the banks of the Yarra River, only a short walk from Melbourne's central business district, and a 20-minute drive to Melbourne Airport.

TRAM: Tram numbers 96, 112 and 109 travel down Spencer/Clarendon streets and stop opposite the Clarendon Street entrance of the MCEC.
Tram numbers 48 and 70 stop at the end of Flinders Street. Walk towards the Yarra River, across the new pedestrian bridge.

TRAIN: Take the train to Southern Cross Station. Tram numbers 96, 109 and 112 travel past Southern Cross Station down Spencer/Clarendon Streets and stop opposite the MCEC.

CAR: There are three car parks available. Undercover parking spaces at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre managed by Wilson Parking Entrance and exit off Normanby Road, open air parking spaces at South Wharf managed by Wilson Parking Entrance off Normanby Road and at Siddeley Street. Parking fees vary.



Cindy Jacobs is a respected prophet who travels the world ministering not only to crowds of people, but to heads of nations. Perhaps her greatest ministry is to world influencers who seek her prophetic advice.

Her first calling is and always will be prophetic intercession. Ever since the Lord called her with the scripture, "Ask of me the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the world for your possession," she has taken that calling seriously. She describes her call to the nations "an inverted homesickness." Each year she travels and has spoken on nearly every inhabited continent to tens of thousands. Yet, in her heart is the memory that Jesus left the ninety nine to go after the one. Today, in spite of a demanding schedule, she is willing to go for the one lost soul.


Sam Evans is passionate about living a life empowered by the Holy Spirit and seeing people receive a greater revelation of who they are in God. Sam genuinely loves people, and believes as people encounter Jesus, and are filled with His Spirit they are empowered to live a limitless life.

Every year we’re stirred by Sam to go deeper in worship and every year there is an even greater encounter with our God. Sam Evans is relentless in her pursuit to see people break free from everything that might hold them back. Thousands all over the world have been encouraged by her faith, her heart for God and her tenacity to see the Church overcome and walk in victory.


2nd‐26th Aug 2013
  • Individual • $65
  • Group of 10+ • $60
  • Solo Mum / Pensioner • $45
27th Aug 2013 ‐ 26th May 2014
  • Individual • $85
  • Group of 10+ • $80
  • Solo Mum / Pensioner • $45
  • Under 18 • $60
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27th May 2014 Onwards
  • Individual • $110
  • Group of 10+ • $100
  • Solo Mum / Pensioner • $45
  • Under 18 • $60


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The Beautiful Woman 2014 event will be happening between 20th-21st June 2014 at the Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre. We will be negotiating some great rates with local hotels and apartments and we love to pass on some of these awesome deals to help keep your cost down low. Booking your accommodation with Planetshakers Travel, gives you priority seating at the event!

If you would like alternative dates or want a longer/shorter stay, please include this in your accommodation request and we will make every effort to ensure you receive the best possible rate.

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